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DentalChat connects you with the right dentists and dental practices based on your need and location.

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Have a dental question or need to see a dentist now? Simply click Start Here or use the Click to Chat.

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Chat with dentists & dental offices to get an answer to your question or make an appointment.

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Benefits of DentalChat

DentalChat is a all in one platform to ask dental questions and more. Created by a dentist and tech expert to help people with dental problem(s).

Why should I use Dental Chat

DentalChat advantage

No more taking day off or time off from work. Set appointments flexible to your schedule. Our goal is to have you Talk to Dentists around you instantly.

No more Time off from work

Flexible Appointments

Any time of the day. Try us out - we are looking to be continually improving to get our users - people like you the dental help they need / with free dental suggestions.

Dental Consultation at your fingertips.

It could be in the middle of the night or weekend.

It's easy to sign-up with Dental Chat. Working to answer your questions and find dentists around you.

It’s Easy and quick to use

Using cutting edge Technology

Ask dental experts about your dental problem. They will provide dental treatment suggestions - to get you started on the right course of treatment.

Save Time & Money

Healthy teeth improves your overall health

Are you a Dentist? Sign up your Dental Practice.

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