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When a dental emergency does arise, it can be unsettling.  For many people it happens during the night or when they are traveling etc.  Over 2 million people it is estimated in the US end up in the emergency room at their local hospital because of a dental emergency.  That is, they have a local dental emergency care situation that they feel needs immediate attention.  One thing the local emergency room in the hospital probably does not have, are dental chairs and handpieces to do fillings or a root canal, etc. 

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In some cases, people will end up in the emergency room because of tooth pain or some sort of dental pain in their mouth because they can not find a local dentist to see them in the middle of the night or on the weekend. In these types of scenarios, the emergency physician will probably prescribe some sort of antibiotic and pain medication - and then recommend they go to a local dentist / dental office as soon as they can.

Local Emergency Dentist Question Answers and Common Dental Emergency Questions Online

We get asked many Local Emergency Dental Questions Online or many people have an Online Emergency Dental Question to ask us at DentalChat, When a dental emergency. We get many Emergency Dentist Questions here at DentalChat.  We will be discussing some dental emergency scenarios - occurrences that can occasionally happen to people.

Emergency Dentist Question about popcorn kernels and foods that can break your teeth.

One of the most common Dental Emergency Questions we get @ DentalChat - is about breaking a tooth when chewing food. One food that can cause good or bad teeth to break or chip is unpopped popcorn kernels - when people are chewing on popcorn either at home or especially in the movie theater when everything is dark.

As many popcorn eaters will tell you - not all popcorn kernels pop and even some that do, still have the hard kernel fragment in them. One may chew down, and if chews hard enough, the tooth-bearing force can chip or worse yet, fracture. One thing a consumer can do when buying a bag of popcorn is to shake it, so the kernels go more toward the bottom. The other is to eat them more slowly and take a more gentle bite into them when starting to chew - so, this way will notice if something hard is inside the popcorn.

Here are some Common Emergency Dentist Questions 

1. I broke my tooth while eating, what should I do? 

2. How much do dental implants cost? 

3. What is a dental implant?

4. I am having teeth sensitivity. 

5. What is the best way to clean my teeth? 

6. How long do I need to keep my braces? 

7. How long do I need to wear my ortho retainers? 


What are some dental emergencies?

What is a dental emergency and what should be done? A dental emergency can be considered when a person is experiencing severe tooth pain, continuous bleeding in the mouth, some traumatic accident to the mouth such as breaking your tooth while playing sports, or some type of dental infection (tooth abscess, etc.). When a person is feeling something is not right in their mouth, then they should visit a local dentist to see what is going on.

Can a dental abscess / dental emergency become worse over time?  Once you have a dental infection around the root tip under the gum, it can be worse over time if not treated.  A tooth abscess needs to be taken seriously.  In the maxilla or top teeth portion of the mouth, an untreated tooth abscess can actually spread toward the sinus area of the head.  For severe tooth abscess, the dentist will need to drain the pus or infection and most likely place the dental patient on some type of antibiotics.

Some things to consider doing when have a local dental emergency: 

1. If have tooth pain, will need usually dental X-rays to understand the underlying cause. 

2. If break or chip a tooth, should get it fixed before it breaks down further. 

3. With dental infections, may require dental antibiotics and dental treatment. With a larger tooth abscess, should get it dentally treated as soon as can. 

4. If need dental care treatment, best to get it as soon as can at your local licensed dentist's office. 

What are some of the foods other than popcorn kernels that can break or crack your tooth?

Generally, if chew very hard foods and especially if have large fillings in your mouth - well, they can have a tooth or filling break off.  This can be with anything from eating hard vegetables, chewing on gum, almonds, or even a piece of steak.  Common food items where people break their teeth are popcorn kernels, ice cubes, almonds (can always eat them in halves), and hard candy.  With hard candy have to be extra careful.  Since it is hard, and the hard candy can possibly stick to the grooves of your teeth.

Another emergency dentist question about foods that can break your teeth at Dental Chat, is about hard candy. Most dentists will tell you, to be very careful chewing on hard candy. Not only are they hard - but also have a stickiness to them. Hence, they can go into the fossa or crevice of teeth and when continuously chewing on them, can cause good especially teeth with large fillings in them, to chip or break.

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Finding a local dentist when having a dental emergency in the middle of the night, can be challenging.  Many people, unfortunately, wait until they have a dental emergency before they visit a dental office or their local dentist. It is generally recommended to see or visit a dental office once every 6 months for a prophy and dental exam.  For those looking for a local emergency dentist now can get started at this dentalchat link. We are networking with Local Emergency Dentists and providing Local Emergency Dentists Information Online with us.

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