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There are various dental specialties in dentistry - one of the fields in dentistry is called Orthodontics.  The specialized dentists that provide orthodontic treatment are called Orthodontists.

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Many people with misaligned teeth / crooked teeth - have had an orthodontic treatment done by an orthodontist.

Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics / Orthodontics Treatment Dentists - known as Orthodontists are one of the branches of dentistry that looks to correct teeth and jaws that are positioned improperly. This orthodontics practice of dentistry includes the treatment of malocclusion of teeth. Crooked teeth, not aligned teeth and teeth that do not come together correctly are harder to keep clean - which makes them at risk of being lost earlier than normal due to tooth decay and periodontal disease.   Part of this more stress on the chewing muscles that can lead to headaches, neck and TMJ syndrome. 

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Some people may be having orthodontics treatment to improve their bite - be able to chew better.  Esthetics or improving the way our teeth look when smiling is another big factor why many people get orthodontic treatment. Crooked teeth or teeth not in the right place can detract from one's appearance.  Hence, many people will get braces to straighten their teeth.

Both general dentists and orthodontists can provide braces for adults and kids.

  • What age is best to start with getting braces and seeing an Orthodontist?
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Orthodontic Treatments such as Getting Braces can be done at various ages.  For children, most dentists and orthodontists recommend somewhere between the age of 10 and olde - with many recommending between the ages of 10 to 14, though some do recommend even later or earlier >>  depending on the patient.  For adults, many are getting or having braces in their mouth much later in life.  Again, it depends on the patient and their overall dental condition (teeth crowding, etc.).

  • How long can braces be left in the mouth?
  • How Long will braces treatment take? 

This will depend on the level of orthodontic treatment needed for the patient.  A patient with a small gap in their front teeth or slight crowding will take less time.  While someone with severe crowding and needing lot of teeth alignment - may take much longer.  Generally, it should be anywhere from 6 months to 24 months.  With the average time being somewhere around a year.

  • Non braces treatment chat - using dental appliances to straighten teeth:

One area in orthodontics treatment that has made major in roads in bypassing braces - are the dental appliances many people know as invisalign. There are other dental appliance companies other than invisalign, though many consumers have heard of invisalign.  This type of treatment has its limitations - generally, works better for less degree of crowding or people with not major amount of crowded teeth, etc.  This treatment can be just as costly as braces.  Best to get a thorough dental exam and proper dental x-rays to see what is the best option for the patient. 

  • Dental Xrays used by orthodontists:
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Many dentists and orthodontists will take a ceph x-ray -- an cephalometric radiography of the head.  The ceph x-ray takes craniofacial images of the head, jaw and skull - providing the dentists and orthodontists better imaging of the teeth and jaw.  The ceph machine was developed in the 1930's.  It has become much more advanced with new digital technology.

There are many benefits to getting orthodontic treatment.  This includes a healthier mouth, better bite and a more pleasing appearance. Having crowded teeth, can make it harded to floss and easier for food to get trapped in the teeth. Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics Information Discussion -  Whether discussing Best Orthodontist Treatment Options Chat Online, Online Orthodontics Blog, Local Orthodontist Dental Specialty Blog and How long braces treatment can take - we are discussing all dental specialties on DentalChat.  We discuss Emergency Dental Care, Tooth Pain Chat and Cosmetic Dental Care - as well as other dental topics on DentalChat.com.  We welcome our users dental feedback.