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People have problems with their teeth all of the time, from cavities to loss, and dentists are here to help. During a dental emergency, Dental Care Help can sometimes be hard to come by however, due to insurance coverage limitations or fiscal incompatibility. When you’ve got a swollen face because of a severely abscessed tooth and are in need of antibiotics, though, you’ve got to have access to dental care options. An abscess can result from any number of things, but it’s a particularly common reaction to wisdom teeth removal. If leave a large caries or hole in the tooth, an infection of the pulp nerve may also cause a tooth abscess.

What Is a Tooth Abscess?

For those people that have experienced a Tooth Abscess or Teeth Abscess - it is something that usually one does not forget. An abscessed tooth can stem from an untreated cavity, a certain type of injury, or even old dental work that has gone wrong, and you’ll know that your tooth has abscessed when you experience pain in the area, seriously bad breath, and potentially, a fever. What happens when an abscess forms is a certain part of the mouth develops an infection as a result of complications with a particular external stimulus. Wisdom teeth removal is the most common cause for such an infection. The infection leads to the generation of pus and bacteria inside of a tooth, which becomes pocket of foul-smelling germs. The only way to get rid of the abscess is by drainage, which can happen with a root canal. Typically, antibiotics are also prescribed to completely rid the body of the infection. When an abscess is particularly brutal, however, the tooth has to be pulled.

How Can You Prevent an Abscess?

When the amount of dental care options available to you are limited and your dental care help has to be relegated to more extreme emergencies, it can be really good for you to know how to avoid a tooth abscess altogether. Though an Tooth Abscess can form due to trauma, which happens to include wisdom teeth removal, it is often avoidable with certain key methods. The most important factor to consider is your oral hygiene, and getting regular dental prophy and dental exam. After having dental surgery, it is crucial for you to follow the dentist’s instructions as clearly as possible. Many times people are told for instance after extraction to Not smoke at least for first couple days (preferably as long as can), until the area is somewhat healed.

Maintain your oral hygiene and stay away from particularly acidic or detrimental foods. Keep your body protected from bacterial infections on the whole, because those have the ability to spread to other areas. An abscessed tooth can be a serious pain, but it is a preventable circumstance that you can avoid by taking the right precautions and adhering to the guidelines.  The most common form of Tooth Abscess requires a root canal to treat, which is the periapical abscess - this is best visible when taking a dental xray(s) of your teeth.  When viewing the dental xray, will see ind of like a darker circle mass around the root tip of the tooth on the dental xray. 

A wisdom tooth generally starts to erupt in your teen years. When erupting, a wisdom tooth can cause pain.  The wisdom tooth or 3rd molar(s) are harder to access and cause food to build up if not properly cleaned.  Hence, can get inflammation and pain in areas of the gum around the wisdom tooth / wisdom teeth.

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