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Dental Implants have made many people that use to wear a partial denture or worea full set of dentures very happy.   Like any dental service, there always is a possiblity of dental implant(s) not working well. Many people have Dental Implant Questions - here at DentalChat we want to answer some of those questions for you.  Emergency Dental Implants Question Blog and Dental Implants Chat online with us @  We will be discussing Immediate Dental Implant Info / Immediate Dental Implants Discussion in this article.

What is a Dental Implant?  Dental Implant is usually a tapered shaped post that is most commonly made of titanium, though newer materials are constantly being developed, that is placed into an area where there is no tooth or no teeth. For an dental implant to become stable -- the jaw bone area of the body must grow bone to the surface of the dental implant - that is, the bone in the jaw starts to grow some bone surrounding a dental implant. Simply, the bone in the mouth start forming around or integrates with the dental implant . Sometimes bone is added to the area where a dental implant is being placed - there are various materials on the dental implant to make this happen. 

The placement of the dental implant is very important - generally good dental xrays are taken to make sure that the area the dental implant in the jaw that it is placed, has sufficient bone.  Think of this as making sure the area where the dental implant is being placed, should be suitable and vital, in order for the dental implant to successfully attach to the bone in the mouth or socket where it is being placed. 

Once if I place a Dental Implant am I done?  The answer is no - a crown or other a partial denture, some sort of prosthesis to resemble the tooth - is placed on the dental implant.  Having a good dental treatment plan is a must -  for example, if have many teeth missing, dental implants may be placed and then a partial denture may be planned to be attached to these dental implants.  For single missing teeth, generally a single crown is fabricated. 

After dental implants / crown, am I done?  Just like your own teeth, must get regular dental cleanings at your dental office.  Taking good care of the area, proper brushing and flossing & of course, getting regular prophy is very much recommended. 

Immediate Dental Implant / Immediate Dental Implants Chatting:  Can I get dental implant after a tooth extraction?  Sometimes a tooth is mobile and needs to be extracted - some dentists (each dental office / dentist may differ), prefer to place what is termed as a Immediate Dental Implant right away into the extraction site >> They place a Immediate Dental Implant in Tooth Extraction Site.  Good dental planning, proper dentist expertise is needed and very good dental xrays including usually a Pan Xray is good to have when doing this or having dental implant placed.  Immediate Dental Implants are placed by experienced dentists that have experience doing this, right after dental extractions are performed.  Generally, the oral conditions in the mouth have to be right, for a dentist to do this.  New dental technology has allowed dentists various types of dental implants, for various scenarios.  It is always good to know and understand what are getting.

Post-op - after getting a dental implant:   The post-operative instructions are very important to understand and follow after getting a dental implant.

Dr Branemark, a Swedish Orthopedic Surgeon is credited as being a pioneer in modern dental implants - having started his research in the 1960s.  It was in the 1970s when many started to accept his findings - he created the Branemark System of dental implants.