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Dental Implants have changed dentistry and dental care in the last 35 years plus. When first developed, dental implant usage was limited due to the lack of understanding, the initial technology limitations, and the lack of qualified dental implant specialists. Like any new innovation, dental implant technology was sort of primitive in the first stages of development in the late 1960s and 1970s. In the 1980s, more manufacturers and companies developing dental implants started being formed. Fast forward, and now it is estimated that over 5 million dental implants are placed into the dental patient's mouth each year.  

The idea of having a screw-like material in the mouth seems very concerning to many people. This concern is warranted and understandable. There are many people interested in seeking local dental implant question answers online now. There are many people also looking for how to maintain their dental implants and are seeking more information about dental implant crowns as well. 

Local Dental Implant Questions, Emergency Dental Implants Question Answers Blogging, Immediate Dental Implant Chatting Online

Many people ask us Online Dental Implant Questions?  We get many people asking us dental implant questions and dental implant costs online at Dentalchat. Many people want to know more about what are dental implants and whether dental implants are safe to place in the mouth?

Dental Implants have made many people that use to wear a partial denture or wore a full set of dentures very happy.   Like any dental service, there always is a possibility of the dental implant(s) not working well. Many people have Dental Implant Questions - here at DentalChat, we want to answer some of those questions for you.  Emergency Dental Implants Question Blog and Dental Implants Chat online with us @  We will be discussing Immediate Dental Implant Info / Immediate Dental Implants Discussion in this article.

  • Perhaps the most common dental implant question is "What is a Dental Implant?" 

A dental implant is usually a tapered-shaped post that is most commonly made of titanium (though newer materials are constantly being developed) that is placed into an area in the jaw bone. This dental implant is placed where there is no tooth or no teeth. Good dental imaging X-rays are required before the placement of the dental implant. This is only one portion of the total dental implant treatment plan. Think of the dental implant as being the root of the tooth. The dental implant crown becomes the top of the tooth. 

  • Dental Implant Crown Question Discussion and Dental Implant Treatment Plan Blogging: 

A dental implant crown is an important part of the total dental implant treatment plan. Some dental implants are not connected to a dental implant crown - rather they are connected to a partial denture or a full denture. This is all part of the dental implant treatment plan that most dentists and dental practices go over thoroughly prior to any dental implant placement. 

Best cosmetic dentistry information blog, local cosmetic dentist question chat, online cosmetic dental care info questions blogging

  • What is dental implant osseointegration?

For a dental implant to become stable -- the jaw bone area of the body must grow bone to the surface of the dental implant - that is, the bone in the jaw starts to grow some bone surrounding a dental implant. This dental implant integration with the jaw bone is referred to as osseointegration. Simply put, the bone in the mouth starts forming around or integrates with the dental implant.

  • Are dental implants safe?

The simple answer is usually yes - many millions of people around the globe have had successful dental implant placement surgery.  Like any surgery or operation, there is always a chance for various reasons - that dental implant failure may occur.  This is somewhat rare - with various factors contributing to this.  Also, patients getting dental implants - must maintain good oral hygiene After getting a dental implant(s) placed into the mouth.

  • Local Dental Bone Graft Questions Asked us, "What is Jaw Bone Dental Grafting?"

  • Online Dental Bone Grafting Question Answers at DENTAL CHAT

To have dental implants last a long time, it is very important to have sufficient dental bone in the jaw to place them in. For some people lacking dental jaw bone, they will require dental bone grafting surgery. Some people with missing teeth for long periods such as several years or even 10 or 20 years, have bone resorption in the jaw bone.  When people have little bone in the jaw area where dental implant placement is going to happen, the dentist/periodontist may recommend having what is called a bone graft or bone grafting.  Basically, it is opening up the gums and placing various bone-like materials into the jaw - so, as to allow the dental implant(s) to have a better area to place them.

Sometimes the bone is added to the area where a dental implant is being placed - there are various materials on the dental implant to make this happen. 

The placement of the dental implant is very important - generally good dental X-rays are taken to make sure that the area of the dental implant in the jaw where it is placed, has sufficient bone.  Think of this as making sure the area where the dental implant is being placed, should be suitable and vital, in order for the dental implant to successfully attach to the bone in the mouth or socket where it is being placed. 


Another common dental implant question is, "Once I place a Dental Implant am I done?"  The answer is no - a crown or other partial denture, some sort of prosthesis to resemble the tooth - is placed on the dental implant.  Having a good dental treatment plan is a must -  for example, if have many teeth missing, dental implants may be placed and then a partial denture may be planned to be attached to these dental implants.  For single missing teeth, generally, a single dental implant crown is fabricated. 

"After dental implants/crowns, am I done?"  Just like your own teeth, must get regular dental cleanings at your dental office.  Taking good care of the area, proper brushing and flossing & of course, getting regular prophy is very much recommended. 

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Do you want to do a Live Virtual Dentistry Consultation about Dental Implants? We have Live Virtual Dental Implant Care Consulting Online with us. More people than ever are doing Teledental or Live Dental Chat Video Consulting with their computers or iPhones. 

  • Immediate Dental Implant Inquiries Discussion/ Immediate Dental Implants Questions Chatting:

Many people have a tooth extraction or teeth extraction and may have Immediate Dental Implants placed. We get many dental implant questions online about "What are Immediate Dental Implants?"

Many people wonder - can they get a dental implant placement after a tooth extraction?  The simple answer is - it depends.  In some cases, yes, and in other cases, it is a no.  Immediate dental implants are becoming used more prevalently - by some experience dental implant placement dentists.  The condition in the mouth should be right, and the right dental implant product used. 

Sometimes a tooth is mobile and needs to be extracted - some dentists (each dental office/dentist may differ), prefer to place what is termed as an Immediate Dental Implant right away into the extraction site >> They place an Immediate Dental Implant in the Tooth Extraction Site.  Good dental planning and proper dentist expertise are needed and very good dental xrays including usually a Pan Xray are good to have when doing this or having a dental implant placed.  Immediate Dental Implants are placed by experienced dentists that have experience doing this, right after dental extractions are performed.  Generally, the oral conditions in the mouth have to be right, for a dentist to do this.  New dental technology has allowed dentists various types of dental implants, for various scenarios.  It is always good to know and understand what are getting.

  • Post-op dental implant care - after getting a dental implant(s):

Following post-op dental implant care after getting dental implants is very important. The post-operative instructions are very important to understand after getting a single dental implant placement or immediate dental implants.  This includes good oral hygiene, regular dental follow-up visits for prophy, etc.  Like any foreign product that is placed into the body, it is a good idea to make sure everything is going okay.  Going in for regular dental exams and having up-to-date dental X-rays helps.

Dr Branemark, a Swedish Orthopedic Surgeon is credited as being a pioneer in modern dental implants - having started his research in the 1960s.  It was in the 1970s when many started to accept his findings - he created the Branemark System of dental implants.

We discuss many dental topics at Dental Chat.  From Dental Implant Blogging, Dental Implant Problems Discussion to Dental Implant Crown options chatting with us.  In this Dental Blog, we have discussed dental implant placement and answered common dental implant questions many patients ask - about getting a dental implant(s).  Dental Implant technology has revolutionized how dentists and patients who have missing teeth - get treated.  Like all newer healthcare technology/healthcare products - improvements are constantly happening with dental implant placement.  Now, dentists have the Immediate Dental Implant Placement option for those who are having a tooth extracted.  This needs to be carefully planned and expertly implemented by qualified / trained dentists. 

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Summary: Local Dental Implants Questions & Online Dental Implant Information Answers Discussion 

As we discussed, dental implants have come a long way in the last 35 years. They were initially developed in the 1960s, but only recently have they become widely available and affordable. A good and thorough dental implant treatment plan is required before starting to place dental implants. We get asked many local dental implant questions online. Online Dental Implants Chat Online with Live Dentists at We have helped many people get the dental implant information they require with us at Dentalchat.