Dental Quiz - Test your dental knowledge

Test your dental knowledge 

How good is your dental knowledge?  We at DentalChat want to provide this simple dental quiz with some “basic” smart dental questions.  In this Online Dentistry IQ Test, hopefully, you get to test your dental knowledge.  We will be updating this Local Dental IQ Test every so often. If you get more than 90% right, then you did well - if not, you need to brush up on your dental knowledge.
Dental Quiz
Good luck!
1. How many teeth are there in the average adult - this includes wisdom teeth?
2. People with flat teeth are more likely to be grinding their teeth while sleeping? 
3. How often should you replace your toothbrush?
4. Do more relaxed people grind their teeth less?
5. What Vitamins and Minerals make teeth healthier?
6. Is gum disease one of the primary reasons that the elderly lose their teeth?
7. At what age do the first baby teeth usually fall out?
8. Can poor oral hygiene lead to other medical conditions and diseases?
9. Can sleep apnea cause health problems?
10. By being very overweight, are you more prone to snoring and sleep apnea?
11. Can stress cause people to grind their teeth while sleeping?
12. Do all amalgam fillings in your mouth have to be removed?
13. Can braces or orthodontics cause gum problems?
14. Do wisdom teeth need to be extracted?
15. What is the dental term for wisdom teeth?
16. What natural products make teeth whiter?
17. Name 3 foods or drinks that stain teeth the most?
18. What is the dental term for baby teeth?
19. At what age do the first “baby teeth” erupt?
20. What is the dental term for the first eruption of baby teeth?
21. How often per year is the average adult recommended to get a dental exam and dental cleaning at the dental
22. When plaque becomes calcified, what is the dental term used by dentists?
23. What is the term used by dentists to call advanced gum disease?
24. Can pregnant women have dental gum issues - while pregnant?
25. Do all wisdom teeth erupt or come out from under the gum?
26. Can an adult person have extra teeth in the mouth?
27. When having a wisdom tooth extracted, do you have to be put to sleep?
28. What may happen if you brush your teeth very hard?
29. Where does the term " long in the tooth" come from?
30. What is a Dental Implant & why do people need them?

Okay, how did you do? 

We provided a follow-up link to see the answers and to review this material.  You did not think we would put the answers on this same page? Click this Dental Quiz Answers Online LINK to see the dental answers.


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