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Neglecting daily oral hygiene such as flossing, and daily tooth brushing, can cause the
inflammation of gums & potentially periodontal problems. This is can be a painful issue, and one
that can be remedied with proper care. However, not every case of swollen gums is the result of
poor oral hygiene. This topic will be further discussed on DentalChat in this article.
With Painful Swollen Gums – even light brushing can cause gums to bleed. When painful gums
become swollen, red and puffy, there is usually a form of underlying gingival issues. Teeth may
feel loose when the gums swell up, so it is best for the patient to visit their local dentist’s office
as soon as possible.
As mentioned before, not maintaining good oral hygiene is more than likely the cause of this.
Genetics, and even medication, can cause puffy gums too. Despite possibly knowing the cause,
it is important to make an appointment as soon as possible to have a dentist thoroughly
evaluate, and exam the exact cause.
Inside our mouths, there are bacteria that when mixed with food - form what is referred to as
plaque. Plaque attaches itself to teeth. This can be removed with a regular cleaning routine as
well as maintaining good oral hygiene at home. If the plaque has not been removed for long
periods of time, or daily brushing and flossing is ignored, then may decide to do what is called
scaling, and root planing treatment at your dental office. This treatment typically requires some
form of local anesthesia that numbs the spot, as the pain may vary on how bad it feels, when
removing the debris from your teeth. If the swollen gums are severe enough, bleeding will
happen even with a bit of scaling cleaning around the area. For severe gum problems, may
need to see a periodontist, which is a specialized dentist - that specializes in gum disease and
Prolonged buildup of debris and food plaque buildup becomes calculus. Calculus is hardened
dental plaque that usually needs to be removed with a cleaning, or scaling, by a dentist, or a
dental hygienist. Swollen and painful gums are oftentimes the result of not receiving regular
dental prophy and regular cleanings.
Medications and pregnancy: ? Some medications can cause your gums to bleed more easily, and
also pregnancy gingivitis is a condition that can cause gum problems in some people.If have other dental questions say about dental emergencies etc. - can look at other dental
articles on DentalChat - here is an article about ? Dental Emergency
Dental hygienists are a valuable part of any dental practice, and dentists count on them to
provide great oral hygiene instructions, dental education, as well as performing the dental
prophy cleanings. Most are licensed professionals in their state, but each state in the USA has
various requirements to meet the licensing.