Why Dental Implants sometimes fail? Dental Implant Blog:

Dental implants have become much more popular to replace a missing tooth or teeth by dentists. Many dentists are finding placing a dental implant to possibly be the best way of replacing a tooth or teeth. The success rate of dental implants placed is quite high, with a 95% plus success rate, specially if done by a Skilled dentist. The number of dental implants placed into the mouth is increasing each year, with many people choosing dental implant(s) over a denture or bridge - of course, there are some people who do nothing after have a tooth or teeth extracted. Okay, that being said - let’s discuss why a dental implant can fail? Here are some reasons possibly a dental implant can fail - just one thing to keep in mind .... Any dental service can go wrong, many times it is not because of poor dental care, bad dental implant etc. Any time placing a foreign material into your body, things can go wrong. In the case of dental implants, sometimes (very rare) a non-union of dental implant and the bone in the jaw happens. Here are some reasons dental implants fail:

1. The dental implant is placed into a poorly dense area and / or gum disease area - that is, the bone level is low and that there is prevalent gum disease all over

the area the dental implant is being placed. Think of it this way, you would not want to place a new tree into the desert. You want the tooth to be placed into an area that is cleaned up or at least has enough bone, that can attach to the dental implant or the dental implants. 2.The dentist placing your dental implant should have

the right experience and dental training. Under normal conditions, Placing dental implants is not the most difficult thing by a well trained dentist. Though like any skill or work done, the person doing the skilled job is very important. 3.Not all dental implants are made by quality

manufacturers. Most dentists do their research, but some dental implant manufacturers are made kind of cheaply. 4.Some Medical Conditions such as diabetes can

increase the likelihood of dental implant failure. Each case or person is different - if the person has many existing medical conditions such as diabetes, the dental implant may be more susceptible to not working out. Having a condition such as diabetes does not mean that a person can not get a dental implant or dental implants. Though, the person should know or be aware that the likelihood of dental implant failure increases. That is, the dental implant placed

inside your mouth may not last as long and may end up having to be removed. 5.How the dental implant is placed into your mouth and where the dental implant is placed. Very rarely will see dental implant(s) being placed by nerve areas that may be causing pain. Also, will see dental implants not being placed properly. 6.Having an infection around the dental implant area - unfortunately, many people who get dental implants do not take proper care of them. One of the most important things a person or patient getting a dental implant / dental implants to do, is to maintain proper & good oral hygiene after getting a dental implant. No matter how good the dental implant is, if do not brush your teeth - the dental implant and the teeth in your mouth will suffer from gum disease. This also includes having regular dental prophy / dental exam with your dentist. One thing to keep in mind - Gum disease is one of the main reasons people lose their teeth as adults. Dental implant gum disease is sometimes known as peri-implantitis. 7.Following dentist instructions post-operative. Most

dentists placing dental implants advise the patient to Not smoke. By smoking after getting dental implants, the success rate is decreased. Understand the

instructions your dentist is giving you as a patient, after getting a dental implant - and following them.

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