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When an accident occurs or something unexpected happens, knowing what to do can be challenging? For people that suddenly have a dental emergency or need urgent dental care right away - and finding a local emergency dentist can be challenging. First, one should describe or define what is urgent and urgent dentistry?  Urgent is an acute, grave, or pressing condition that needs immediate attention.  So, Local Urgent Dental Care or Finding Urgent Dentists in treating a pressing dental problem.

Urgent Dental Care 

Things that will be covered in this local dentist communication

1. What is considered a dental emergency or needs urgent dental care?

2. Local urgent dental care question discussion or common local urgent dentist questions we get asked?

3. Why having a Local Dentist Consult is important?

4. Two types of local dental emergencies that require Urgent Dentist Care.

5. Tooth avulsion treatment.

6. Immediate urgent dental care for a Tooth Abscess Problem.

7. Have your local cosmetic dentist's question or Emergency tooth pain question answered by us.

Need  Urgent Dental Care?

We have earlier defined urgent as an acute or pressing issue that requires immediate attention. Local dental problems that involve chipping a tooth or breaking a dental restoration would be considered to need dental attention - and the sooner the dental care is provided by your local dentist, the better. 

But does it require you to go in the middle of the night and see a local emergency dentist?  That is, what kind of dental problems do require immediate or as soon as possible dental attention.  Any dental problem that is grave or very pressing, has potentially rapidly caused overall health problems.  Hence, if you have a dental concern about your teeth being yellow or noticing a lot of plaque on your teeth - that is not an urgent dental care situation. 

It is a dental condition that should be looked at, but it is not an urgent dental emergency situation.  On the other hand, if your face is swollen and have tooth pain, that is a 

Let's discuss 2 dental trauma problems 

1. Severe facial trauma such as tooth avulsion or severe facial injury from a bad accident. These bad accidents can include facial sports injuries involving the breaking of teeth & jaw, accidentally falling off a bike onto your face, or having a whole tooth knocked out by tripping & falling.

There are an estimated 5 million cases of tooth avulsion or teeth that are avulsed in the United States alone each year.  What is tooth avulsion?  It is the accidental knocking out of a whole tooth completely from the mouth. Later in this local tooth avulsion blog, we will discuss treatment for avulsed teeth.

2. Tooth Abscess problem and facial swelling from the tooth abscess. Having a tooth abscess that is going into the sinus needs immediate dental care / urgent dental care. The root tip of the top teeth is close to the sinus area.  The sinus area goes right into the optical orbit - hence, it can have blurriness or vision impairment because of this type of dental infection if not treated. 

The abscess and the subsequent swelling of the face, which is termed cellulitis does need emergency dental care treatment or need to see a doctor at the ER.  Antibiotics will be prescribed. The dental treatment for this type of tooth abscess can include draining the infection or having the pus drained, root canal treatment, or possibly having the tooth extracted.

What is the Best Dentist Consult or Best Dental Treatment Plan Options for people that have a Local Dental Emergency / Urgent Dental Care Problem Question

Understanding what is going on with your tooth pain or finding out the best dental treatment options for straightening your teeth crowding is important. Many times there are several dental treatment options that your local dentist can provide.  Also, an Emergency Dental Consult can be effective in finding out what is going on with your dental pain. 

So, as a patient what can you do?  For one, be clear about what is going on with your mouth.  The other is to provide all relevant dental and medical history. Sometimes, the reason for having a lot of bleeding when you floss is due to the medications that may be taking.  Lastly, it is good to confer and ask your dentist for a local dental consult if there is something in your mouth that you have a local dental question on.

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Local Urgent Dentistry About Tooth Avulsion

As we discussed earlier, millions of people each year get their teeth completely knocked out of their mouth or tooth avulsion trauma. This type of dental trauma or local tooth loss emergency needs immediate dental care attention from your local dentist.  Before going to the dentist, of course, need to find the tooth and save the tooth. 

The best thing is to place the tooth inside of a cup of milk if possible before going to the dentist. Obviously, the milk should be close by.  If there is not any milk, they can keep the avulsed tooth moist by keeping it in a wet paper towel or a cup of water. One of the most important things is to try to see a local dentist within an hour if possible.  If no dentists are around and say are in a wilderness or something - what are the options for an avulsed tooth? 

Then we can clean the tooth gently by rinsing it with some water, and then placing it gently back into the socket.  I will know if I did it right, as all the teeth should be facing the same way.  That is if the tooth - should not be placed backward.  Once the tooth is put in place, do not want to chew on it for a while and try to see a dentist as soon as go into town.  Any tooth that is knocked out of the mouth or avulsed from the mouth, will need to keep a watch on it and let your dentist know - if ever change a dentist.

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