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Organic Dentistry Chat, Local Organic Holistic Dentist Chatting, Holistic Dentistry Blog, Organic Dental Care Discussion

Holistic dental care is growing. In many ways, many dentists do understand that what happens in the mouth, can affect the entire body. Holistic Dentistry or Organic Dentistry is becoming more popular.  Most dentists who practice this type of dentistry - consider themselves Local Holistic dentists or practice Holistic Dentistry. Holistic dentistry is a somewhat newer concept in dentistry - not all dentists are very enthusiastic about holistic dentistry practices. Holistic medicine is many times associated with acupuncture and a holistic way of treating patients in a natural way as a whole. We will discuss holistic dental care in this local holistic dentist blog.

Organic Dentistry Chat, Local Organic Holistic Dentist Chatting, Holistic Dentistry Blog, Organic Dental Care Discussion:

Organic Dentistry Chat, Local Organic Holistic Dentist Chatting, Holistic Dentistry Blog, Organic Dental Care Discussion

We will be discussing Holistic dental care / holistic dentistry in this Dental Blog. We hope to better inform our users about various dental care subjects.

  • 5 Organic Dentistry Tips You Didn’t Know

The modern world places more emphasis on whole-body wellness than ever before. We are encouraged to eat organic foods, exercise more frequently, and take a more natural approach to our health. We may already be incorporating herbal remedies into our physical well-being, but what about your dentistry?

Organic dentistry and herbal dental remedies have a lot to offer a health-conscious individual. After all, the health of your teeth and gums has been linked to other diseases that could impact your overall lifespan. A holistic approach to your mouth allows your dentist to take a look at the bigger picture of your health instead of hyper-focusing on your teeth. The entire patient is considered before a treatment plan is ever formed.

What can you do to pursue more organic dentistry? Check out a few of these herbal dental remedies and holistic dentistry tips that are sure to surprise you!

- Myrrh for Toothaches Blog:

Most people have heard of myrrh before, but they never think of using it to address their toothache. Myrrh liquid extract sometimes referred to as a tincture, is great for placing it directly onto a toothache. In just a few minutes, the toothache should subside. While it may not offer you long-term relief, it can be a great way to bide your time until you can get into seeing your dentist.

You could also use myrrh for several other common ailments, including:

  • Healing your gums
  • Tightening your gums
  • Curing bleeding gums
  • Fighting bacteria
  • Lavender for Lower Stress

Did you know that stress and symptoms of anxiety or depression could result in an unhealthy mouth? Researchers still aren’t sure what the direct correlation is. However, they speculate that it may be because good oral hygiene falls to the wayside when people are under too much emotional stress. You can attempt to combat some of this stress and it's lingering dental side effects with lavender essential oil.

Using lavender essential oil to improve your oral hygiene is actually very simple. Make sure that you purchase high-quality pure essential oil. It is not recommended that you ingest any of this oil unless you purchase a food-grade version. Check with the manufacturer of the essential oil to determine whether it is safe for this application.

Mix a few drops of lavender essential oil with a mouthful of water. Swish it around for a minute or two before rinsing your mouth with fresh water. This gives you just enough time to reap the benefits of this fragrant plant:

  • Relief from pain and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Antimicrobial and antibacterial properties
  • Reduced risk of halitosis
  • Improved healing for damaged gum tissue
  • Lower stress levels and a calmer nervous system

We want to discuss various dental topics that our readers suggest to us.  In this article we are discussing - Alternative Dental Care Treatment, Organic Dentistry Chat, Local Organic Holistic Dentist Chatting, Holistic Dentistry Blog online, and  Organic Dental Care Discussion.  Let us know what else like us to discuss.

Dental Fillings Discussion - Consider Your Fillings:

One of the biggest things that sets organic dentistry apart is the material used for fillings. Many dentists have turned to mercury or amalgam fillings in the past. Unfortunately, this material is known to cause damage to the nervous system, immune system, respiratory system, and more. After all, mercury is a known neurotoxin. With all of these frightening side effects in mind, the new trend is more organic.

Metal fillings are a thing of the past with holistic dentistry. Instead, you should receive a filling made of ceramic or some other form of natural material. Ceramic fillings are extremely durable and blend in with the color of your actual tooth for a more seamless appearance.

For more information on tooth decay or tooth pain, check out our other article here.

Change Your Diet

You are what you eat. How many times have you heard that phrase throughout your life? It starts when you are a little kid, and it really never ends. There is definitely some truth to that statement. Nutrition is the critical foundation for how well your body can function from day to day. Your body needs all of the vitamins and minerals that come from your diet to repair the body and keep it moving.

Your mouth is no different. The tissues of your gums need plenty of antioxidants to remain healthy for the years ahead. You need vitamins and minerals to boost your immune system so that you don’t fall sick from bacteria that find their way into your mouth. Changing your diet to consist of healthier foods can have a significant impact on your oral health. Consider adding more foods that are high in antioxidants to your diet, including:

  • Berries
  • Nuts
  • Leafy greens
  • Whole grains
  • Fish
  • Set Up a Dental Routine

Do you have good oral hygiene habits? Many patients struggle with taking care of the basic necessities when it comes to their oral health. This allows bacteria to thrive in the mouth and can result in tooth decay, cavities, and other serious issues. It can even affect the entire body when the bacteria are allowed to grow between the teeth and around the gums. Taking care of your teeth is essential for overall health.

To develop good oral hygiene habits, you must set a dental routine you can stick to. Make it a priority to brush, floss, and use mouthwash immediately after you shower in the morning. Brush your teeth right before you head to bed. Carve out a few minutes in the morning and evening to take care of your teeth. Pairing your dental routine with another activity you already perform makes you more likely to stick with your new dental routine.

Seek Out an Organic Dentist - Holistic Dentist Discussion:

Local Organic Dentistry is about more than just your oral health. It takes the entire body into account when making decisions about how to treat your toothache, your bleeding gums, and whatever else might ail you. Your dentistry should benefit your entire body – not just your teeth and gums. This new approach to taking care of yourself can be extremely beneficial.

Seek out an organic or holistic dentist that specializes in this type of treatment. We can help you find one through Dental Chat. An organic dentist can offer you more tips to help you stick with your routine and address your overall well-being. With just a few herbal dental remedies and good oral hygiene habits, you can start to take a more holistic approach to your health.

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