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Bleeding gum problem blogging, asking gum problem questions online, bleeding gums blog and oral hygiene blog

Gum disease and gum problems are one of the leading causes of people losing their teeth as adults.  People that do not follow proper and good oral hygiene - such as flossing and daily toothbrushing can end up with gingivitis and a more severe gum disease, called periodontitis. With severe gum problems, the patient may end up needing various extensive forms of periodontal work, which may be done by a dentist or a dental specialist that is called a periodontist.  In the US, it is estimated that over 40% of people have some form of gum disease.  As we will discuss, the level of gum disease can greatly vary. Globally, gum disease is one of the primary reasons that people not only lose their teeth when they become elderly, but it can contribute to poor health.

Getting swollen gums that may be bleeding easily is generally caused by poor oral hygiene and not getting a regular prophy (dental cleaning) at your local dentist's office. Painful gums & severe gum bleeding- due to inflammation, can end up causing bone loss around your teeth and your teeth to become mobile.  We will be discussing this topic on DentalChat with this article & in future articles as well.

With Bleeding Gums and Swollen Gums - the gums may bleed fairly easily, even if do light toothbrushing, etc. When a person has gum disease / painful gums, they become swollen and generally they look more red and puffy (inflamed).  There is some form of underlying gingival issue or gum disease occurring in the mouth. When the gums swell up, sometimes the teeth around it may feel loose. It is best for the patient to visit a dental office / their local dentist - and check it out as soon as possible.

Bleeding gum problem blogging, asking gum problem questions online, bleeding gums blog and oral hygiene blog

Maintaining proper and good oral hygiene:  As mentioned, Not having good oral hygiene is usually one of the main causes of swollen gums, etc. Though, some medications, being pregnant and genetics can cause puffy gums / swollen gums. Doing a thorough medical history review by your dentists. First, it is a good idea to visit or go to a dental office and see a dentist if you have gum disease or gums that bleed easily. During the visit to the dental practice, your dentist will do a thorough evaluation & dental exam.  Having a thorough dental exam, reviewing the medical & dental history, and taking the required dental X-rays - will provide the patient a good idea of what is causing the swollen gums and the dental treatment plan that will be required.

Our mouths have bacteria that can mix with food which can form what is generally referred to as plaque.  These can be removed when you do your regular cleaning routine & have good oral hygiene. If the plaque has not been removed for long periods and good tooth brushing and flossing have not been done daily - then Treatments for painful gums, gum problems, and bleeding gums:  Leaving food debris, not flossing, not brushing regularly and having regular dental prophy visits - can lead this buildup in the mouth to become calcified plaque.  Calcified plaque in the mouth is called calculus. We will mention this couple of times.  Calculus can be removed by professional dental care at your dental office.  Leaving calculus in the mouth can cause severe gum problems.

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Doing this will require usually some numbing from local anesthesia since there may be severe pain >>  painful gums pain when removing this debris - if the swollen gums are severe, there can be bleeding by doing even a little bit of scaling cleaning around the area.  We welcome people posting their bad gums questions or asking gum problem questions online with us >> Simply just post your dentist question online with us @

The debris/food plaque buildup - if not removed can become calculus.  Calculus is hardened dental plaque, that can generally only be removed by cleaning/scaling by a dentist or hygienist.  Swollen painful gums can arise by not getting regular dental prophy & getting dental regular cleanings

Bleeding Gum Problem Blogging, Common Local Perio Question Online, Local Periodontist Blog:

As we have discussed, taking care of your gums is of paramount importance. A common period question we get asked is, can only the local periodontist treat my periodontal disease?  The answer is that both your general dentist and periodontist can treat your periodontal disease.  Periodontists do have more advanced dental specialty education usually, but your general dentist may also be very well able to treat your gum disease.  Of course, not all general dentists perform advanced period surgery procedures.

Either a dental hygienist or your dentist will generally do the dental prophy cleaning.  Most people have a dental prophy cleaning about once every 6 months, though some people may need to do it every 3 months if have a more severe form of gum disease.  Oral hygiene blog online with us. 

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Those with severe periodontal disease may need a more advanced form of period treatment. Either by their dentist or a dental specialist, called a periodontist.  This can include pocket reduction surgery and surgical gum grafts.  Those people that have more dental bone loss and gum pockets around their teeth, may require a fairly common period surgery procedure called a pocket reduction surgery.  Here is a link to a Local Periodontist Blog & Perio Disease Discussion Online with us at DentalChat.

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Braces / orthodontic treatment and gum disease - people with braces or getting orthodontist treatment should be more careful to maintain good oral hygiene.  As food can accumulate and cause gum swelling. Can check out for more information on braces/orthodontics with this article link Getting Braces and Orthodontist Treatment info on DentalChat.  We did provide orthodontic braces gum disease information by mentioning the importance of great oral hygiene when having ortho braces. if are wearing orthodontic braces - you need to pay extra attention to maintaining very good oral hygiene.

In this local dentist blog, we did a bleeding gums blog, gum questions blogging, and a bleeding gum information blog. We look forward to our reader's suggestions and dental feedback.  We believe providing useful dental information is beneficial to patients getting or seeking dental care. We are at looking to help people Find the Best Local Dentists and to Answer Their Gum Disease Questions - and much more.