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Many adults have had one or more dental cavities in their lifetime. In fact, a 2012 dental study estimated that over 90% of people above the age of 20 have had one or more dental cavities. If the tooth caries or tooth cavity is small enough, then your dentist can place a composite filling material into the tooth after carefully removing the dental caries.

As we will discuss, composite fillings are the tooth colored or "white fillings."  40 or 50 years ago, people use to have amalgam fillings which are the silver colored or blackish colored fillings can see in older adults on their back teeth. Most Western countries nowadays usually use composite fillings, with amalgam fillings being used more rarely.

Composite Tooth Fillings Information Online 

Many people may end up with one or more teeth cavities. Doing a small composite filling is preferable than having to do root canal treatment and a crown. Less cost and less time spent at the dentist. Having regular dental x-rays and dental exams at your local dental office can provide with early detection of tooth cavities. 

Dental Sealant Treatment Questions - Common Dental Sealant Question is, what is a dental sealant? 

Once have children have their permanent molar teeth, they can get dental sealants placed on their teeth. After cleaning the chewing surface of the back molar and premolar teeth, dental sealants can be lightly brushed onto the teeth. The liquidy sealants are then hardened by using a blue UV curing light. 

Composite Tooth Filling Questions and Composite Filling Answers:

Composite filling is very commonly done for people with small to mid-sized cavities. Composite fillings can be done on larger tooth surfaces as well, though they do have a higher chance of breaking or fracturing off. Many people wonder why some areas of the tooth or teeth wear down so easily? We will provide composite tooth filling answers to some commonly asked dental caries questions online we get asked. 

In this local composite filling blog, we will discuss the various layers of teeth, provide local dental caries answers, composite tooth surface questions, discuss composite filling billing costs online & local composite filling questions online we get asked.

Composite Facial Surface Filling Info:

One of the most common places composite fillings are placed, is in the buccal or facial surface of teeth. We will discuss the tooth structure and the tooth layers, since this is an important part of understanding why teeth are sometimes sensitive to cold drinks or ice cream, for instance. There are many people that have facial or buccal wear on their teeth. We will discuss the various layers of a single tooth - and why say the enamel surface of the tooth is more prone to wear out.

Composite tooth filling question - why do some composite fillings cost more than others?

Before getting to common teeth sensitivity questions online we get asked, let’s discuss the surfaces composite fillings cover.  Many people who look at their dental insurance plans - notice there are a couple different codes and fees for various types of dental fillings. Dental insurance plans cover and pay a different amount based on the number of tooth surfaces that a single filling covers on a single tooth. A tooth is described by dentists as having an occlusal surface, buccal / facial surface, distal surface, mesial surface and an incisal surface (usually front teeth). Without getting too much into the dental details of how each tooth surface works and where it is - we should understand that the larger the composite filling >> the more usually your local dental office will charge. Because for your dentist, doing a small occlusal surface filling will usually take less time than doing an occlusal and distal surface filling.  So, if a dentist does a Occlusal surface filling on your back tooth - it will be charged as say #18 O filling. If they do a Distal and Occlusal filling, then it is a #18 DO or OD filling. A 2 surface composite filling usually will cost more at your dental office than say a one surface composite filling procedure.

Why do I have Sensitive Teeth Question ?  My Tooth Enamel Layer Questions - My enamel tooth layer is worn down >> what should I do? My Tooth is sensitive to cold?

Sensitive Teeth Questions Online Discussion:

Millions of people in the US and globally suffer from sensitive teeth problems. This can be due to many reasons. Many times, people wear down the facial layer of their tooth or teeth. This may require composite fillings, dental veneers or dental crowns.  If the pain is very high and pulp nerve damage has been done, they then may require root canal therapy treatment.

My teeth hurt so much when I drink cold water, can you provide my a dental answer to my tooth pain question?

It is best perhaps to have a decent understanding of the tooth before understanding why a tooth cavity occurs or why are your teeth sensitive? Understanding the tooth, can may be better help in why it is important for people to take better care of their teeth.

Enamel layer worn out - which tooth layer causes tooth sensitivity question

Sensitive teeth question? How do I protect my dentin tooth layer question?

The enamel layer of teeth is very inorganic. It is composed similar to an individual's finger nails. We will discuss the enamel layer and the other layers of teeth a little further down in this local dental filling blog. Protecting the enamel layer of your teeth is very important.  Your enamel layer of your teeth may only be only 1 to 3 mm thick? Think of a slightly thicker cardboard paper thickness.  The enamel layer is somewhat translucent.

The human tooth and the dental socket in the mouth that it develops in is amazing. A tooth is not just one simple tooth - but it has several different layers that develop at various times - with a different makeup to each layer.

Many people have sensitive teeth. The reason for having sensitive teeth can vary.  If are aggressively toothbrushing and have worn down facial surface of teeth, then most likely your teeth sensitivity is being caused by the enamel layer of your teeth being worn down. 

Why is my dentin tooth layer so sensitive? 

People come on Dentalchat to get local dental answers to their local tooth problem questions. People post common emergency dentist questions online about tooth pain, tooth sensitivity questions and of how to treat their tooth pain? People post - My teeth sensitive question? Or My Teeth Hurt even when I breathe or my teeth are super sensitive? 

People are looking for dental sensitive tooth answers online and local tooth pain answers. Which is a common teeth sensitivity answer many people are seeking. Teledentistry Sensitive Teeth Questions and Local TeleDental Teeth Sensitivity Answers found at

Sensitive Teeth Answers:

We as dentists, need to find out why are your teeth sensitive?  Before understanding what is going on dentally, it is more difficult to answer your dental question. For one, each individual can have a unique circumstance of why they are experiencing tooth pain?

Enamel tooth layer question? Sensitive dentin tooth layer questions?

Teeth have three layers. The outside enamel layer is designed to be in contact with the mouth and food. This is the defensive layer. It is a highly organized lattice of crystals. When exposed to acid and bacterial toxins, these crystals melt or disintegrate the same way ice would melt when exposed to heat.  We get many dental questions about

Why are my front teeth so sensitive?

When the enamel layer of the tooth is worn down, then the more sensitive dentin layer of the tooth or teeth become exposed. The primary outer enamel layer is meant to protect the tooth so as to not feel hot and cold easily when eating or drinking. The dentin second layer of the tooth and other tooth layers, are much more sensitive.  The dentin develops in a couple of stages. Interesting enough, dentin continues to form throughout one’s life.  Dentin has dentinal tubules and is more porous than enamel. The dentinal tubules in dentin are filled with water. Why water? So, they can communicate back to the nerve cells. We will also discuss the pulp chamber of the tooth. All teeth are hollow with nerves and blood supply on the inside. Immune responses happen to the inside of the tooth when the sterile environment is invaded.

There is also an outside layer of the root of the tooth is called the cementum. The cementum is connected to the bone by the periodontal ligament. Beyond the cementum is the dentin, discussed above, and the nerve canal filled with pulp tissue questions.  

The inside pulp chamber of a tooth is considered to be a sterile environment. If this is exposed due to dental caries/cavities, trauma, or tooth damage - then the pulp nerve tissue needs to be treated to prevent further infection. 

An important takeaway is that people need to take care of their teeth. If you wear away the outside enamel layer of your teeth, then may start to experience teeth sensitivity and also your teeth will not look as good.

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White Tooth Fillings Blog - SensitiveTeeth Answers?

Teeth need to be protected and take care of. An important part of this is getting regular dental exams, dental x-rays and dental cleanings / prophy at your local dentist office. After this, your dentist can provide important information as to why you are having sensitive teeth? Composite fillings are only one way your dentist can provide dental pain relief. 

Root Canal Questions, Root Canal Answers:

When the pulp nerve area of the tooth is penetrated with caries, then usually either a pulpotomy or root canal therapy is needed - if you want to save the tooth? This can be done by pulpotomy for children’s teeth and by root canal treatment for adult permanent teeth. If you have a small tooth cavity, that is why you want to fix it with a simple composite filling before it goes into the pulp nerve area. The roots of the teeth kind of act like straws that go into the dental bone area under the gums. If tooth infection gets into the nerve chamber, and proceeds into the dental bone area - then it may cause a tooth abscess. A tooth abscess can swell up and may cause a lot of damage to your mouth and body. Root canal treatment only treats the pulp and root canal portion of the tooth. Those areas get filled. After the root canal is done, your dentist or endodontist will most likely only place a temporary filling into the tooth. Hence, you will need a permanent tooth filling or something else.After having root canal treatment, you may require composite filling, post and core treatment, dental inlay, dental onlay or a dental crown to be placed on the tooth.  

How can I prevent getting tooth caries question - preventing tooth caries questions online:

If at all possible, we want to prevent having dental caries. Once you have a dental cavity or tooth caries, then you will need to get a tooth filling.  If the tooth cavity goes into the pulp nerve - then may require root canal treatment or possibly may end up with having to extract the tooth if the tooth caries goes below the gum line?  Hence, preventing dental caries is the best thing to do.  Good oral hygiene from a young age can possibly help in preventing or at least, reducing dental caries. Here are some ways to do so. First and foremost - have good oral hygiene at home. Brushing and flossing. Regular dental cleaning at your local dental office - usually twice a year. As a child, may be having sealants placed as we discussed may be a good idea. Especially, for those that have deeper grooves on their molar teeth.

My Tooth Fillings Question? Common Local Composite Filling Questions and Composite Fillings Answers:

Composite fillings are one of the most common dental procedures provided by general dentists and your local family dental office. Since, many people at some point in their life have one or more dental cavities. There are other types of dental filling materials. This can include amalgam fillings, which are silver color.  Amalgam fillings are used usually for back teeth, and can last for a fairly long time. But due to the fact that amalgam fillings do contain mercury - in a relatively low amount, they have become less used by dentists. Many older people have amalgam fillings that are still relatively solid. Most dentists will leave alone amalgam fillings that do not show signs of decay. Though, this is debated - and there is no uniform opinion about amalgam fillings. Most dentists now do, choose to use composite fillings - which are tooth-like as far as color, and hold up fairly well. Also, without the mercury. 

Online Composite filling information:

First and foremost, before composite filling is placed either on or in a tooth - your dental caries need to be cleaned out.  The dental caries are usually cleaned out with some kind of dental drill. Then, the composite filling is placed on the tooth surface (facial filling) or inside the tooth (say for back teeth).  

Composite filling material is soft initially - hardened by blue light:

Composite filling material when placed into the prepped tooth, is soft and malleable.  Once your dentist puts it and shapes it like your tooth, then they use a blue light (UV) to harden the soft composite.  After this, your dentist will usually polish and adjust your bite - to get the right fit for your mouth.

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White filling question online - Can I get whiter filling color?

Composite fillings can come in all shades of white and beige. Generally, composite fillings are done to match existing teeth colors. 

In this local composite filling chat, we discussed tooth structure and composite fillings. As we discussed, in the old days - amalgam silver colored fillings were used. Most people rather have a tooth colored or white filling, so as to closely match the color of their teeth. Best local white composite fillings blogging online with us.