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General dentistry or a general dentist can help with the care of your mouth and teeth. Dentistry is the branch of medicine that pertains to the mouth, teeth, gums and jaw. Not only to help in fixing teeth, but also in diagnosing cancer in the mouth, gum problems and more. A licensed general dentist can help with many dental care issues, depending on their skill set. Dentists are usually either a DDS or DMD, depending on the dental university they attended.  Both DDS and DMD can be licensed dentists.

Local General Dentist Information Blog:  General dentists can place dental implants, extract teeth, do cosmetic dentistry and do root canals. A general dentist is one who has completed their dental general dental training - though has generally not received any specialized post-graduate education.

General dentists chat online at DentalChat.  Licensed general dentists can provide dental treatment to patients and can also help guide policy makers or relevant bodies to govern the regulations related to the dental field.

A general dentist may in severe or complicated dental cases - refer out to a dental specialist. This can be referring to a oral surgeon, peridontist, pedatric dentist, endodontist, prosthodontist or one of the other dental specialties.

General Dentistry is costantly being updated with great and exciting new dental technology.  In the last 30 plus years for example - dental implants and cosmetic dental care has improved immensely.  General dentist are generally very skilled in helping guide patients to the best dental treatment they need. They can help in educating patients how to prevent dental problems. Getting regular dental care / dental prophy is a great way of preventing dental problems.