Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment and Dental Crowns

Whether in business or in life, making a great first impression always helps.  A first impression is only that - an early impression of the person one sees in front of them. People are realizing how people interact with others, how kind a person is, or how much a person has worked in becoming knowledgeable are most important. Of course, looks are important - whether we like it or not. Obviously, there are many things we can not control. For instance, how tall a person is, the genetics one is born with, or where you are born. 

Cosmetic Dentistry

There are things people can do to enhance their overall appearance.  Obviously, having a great smile and having a great personality can help in life and in business.  Esthetic dentistry or cosmetic dentistry is a very important part of dentistry now.  Just having teeth is not enough for many people, especially those that are in the media, on television shows, etc.  For media folks and many people that have to greet and meet people all the time, having a great smile with nice white teeth is important. In cosmetic dentistry, dental veneers have made almost perfectly looking-front teeth possible.  

 Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment and Dental Crowns 

Cosmetic dentistry and dental crowns have gone hand in hand for the longest time.  When porcelain crowns were first introduced about 100-plus years ago, they changed how many people started to look.  Before white porcelain crowns, there were variations of metal or gold crowns.  Gold crowns did and still do last a long time, but for most people - it is not esthetically pleasing.  With white porcelain crowns, the look became much more natural. Of course, in recent times, the porcelain crown has been adapted to be more esthetically pleasing with newer dental lab technology.

Dental Veneers 

Dental veneers have made great strides in the last 25 years or so. In the past, dental veneers were cemented onto the facial surface of teeth and would usually fall out fairly easily in a year or so.  Now, with modern adhesive technology and more advanced dental labs, dental veneers have become more esthetically pleasing and generally can last longer. Dental veneers are an important part of esthetic dentistry or cosmetic dentistry.

The advent of dental veneers has done much for cosmetic dentistry.  Not much tooth preparation or trimming is needed and then an impression is usually taken.  Some dental offices make the dental veneers in-house while others will send it out to a dental lab. Local Dental Veneer Chat, Dental Veneers Discussion, and Best Dental Veneers Blog online with us at DentalChat.  A Dental Veneer is usually a thin dental porcelain veneer that is placed on the buccal or facial surface of teeth.  Most dental veneers are made for the front or anterior teeth & the premolars.  Though, some dentists do use them back further, even on molars sometimes.  By and large, though, most dental veneers are done on the front teeth - usually in pairs. 

Dental veneers can provide a dazzling smile for many people if done right.  Dental veneers are made of various materials.  Your dentist will prep or prepare your tooth or usually teeth for dental veneers.  With dental veneers, not much tooth reduction is usually required. After the teeth are prepared or drilled down by the dentist - then, your dentist will take the form of the dental impression of the teeth.  The dental impression is then made into dental models. After that, your dentist will usually send out your dental impression or dental models to a dental lab. Dental veneers are usually made by a dental lab, though some dental veneers are made chairside by the dentist - during the same visit.  Dental veneers are then placed onto the tooth with some form of cement or adhesive. 

 Cosmetic Dentists and General Dentistry Treatment 

A local cosmetic dentist can provide many great esthetically beautiful dental restorations for their patients. Local Cosmetic Dentists Directory Online or Finding the Best Cosmetic Dentists can be challenging.  For one, cosmetic dentistry is not a recognized dental specialty.  Most general dentists learn more advanced cosmetic dental restoration procedures after graduating from dental school.  Many times these licensed dentists do extra dental continuing education courses or dental programs, that emphasize various types of cosmetic dental care procedures.  Like most of the healthcare industry, dental care and dentistry are rapidly advancing with newer technology all the time. 

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 Dental Crown 

Millions of people have Dental Crowns placed into their mouths by dentists each year.  Let's do some Dental Crowns Discussion Online and what is a Dental Crown Blogging online?  Dental Crown restoration is what is placed on top of a prepped tooth.  A prepped tooth or prepared tooth is a tooth that is customized by the dentist by using a handpiece - so, as to have a dental crown placed onto the tooth. 

The dental crown is cemented into place.  The dentist will make sure the bite or occlusion is as perfectly right as possible - so, as to have the patient feel the dental crowned tooth is like the other teeth.  Do not want a very large dental crown, that is sticking out and to have a bite that is off.

Why do people have a dental crown and How long do dental crowns last?


How long do dental crowns last?

When a tooth is broken down, breaks off or a tooth is a root canaled - then your local dentist, will many times recommend having a dental crown to be placed on that structurally damaged tooth.  One local dental crown question many people ask is, how long will this dental crown last?  Like anything in life, it depends.  For one, a dental crown is chewed on and there is quite a large amount of force applied to the tooth each time a person bites down on food in their mouth. 

Also, how well the person takes care of and does maintain good oral hygiene is an important factor.  Some people have had dental crowns in their mouth for twenty or thirty years, with no problems.  Other people have had a dental crown break within weeks.  One key factor is to make sure to not be too aggressive with your dental crown.  You do not want to be opening up bottles with your dental crowns or want to abuse the crowned teeth. 

Another factor that needs to take into consideration, is if the person is grinding their teeth while sleeping? People who have bruxism should have the proper dental appliance to sleep with, to protect the teeth and the crown. 

Teledentistry Consulting Online

More people than ever are looking for Video Dentistry Consulting or Teledental Consulting Online. Like telemedicine, a Local Teledentist can provide virtual dental consulting.

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