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The older one gets, the more likely it will experience some kind of dental or tooth pain. Tooth pain or dental problems can occur at any age and at any time. We get asked many Local Dental Emergency Questions about various dental problems that may arise. DentalChat has made helping people with their dental problems, its mission.

Local dental emergencies are fairly common.  People have teeth and dental problems that do unfortunately on occasion, occur for many people from time to time. Having a dental problem, tooth pain or having a tooth that breaks when chewing - does and can happen from time to time.  Tooth pain can be debilitating. In this dental problem blog, we will be discussing various types of local dental emergencies

Why do people have so many emergency dental problems or have any urgent dental care questions?  The answer is quite simple.  Teeth are used by people every day to chew food on and they have a lot of wear & tear.  Some people do not take care of their teeth, and only pay attention when they have a dental emergency.  At that time, they start to look everywhere to find an answer to their dental problem question.  One thing is for sure if have tooth pain and are not going to your local dentist - then maybe looking at more dental challenges in the future.  We are looking at providing local dental information, live dental chat online and hopefully more dental care knowledge to people - to explain better what is going on. 

Do you have an emergency dental question?  We are at DentalChat connecting people looking for local dentists now, with a local dentist. Local dental emergencies help in answering your dental questions.


Some reasons why dental emergencies happen:  What are some local dental problems people face that can result in a dental emergency.  Here are some dental emergencies that people unfortunately experience.  Toothache, tooth infection (tooth abscess), broken dental appliance such as a denture, tooth breaks when chewing food, wisdom tooth infection/ third molar pain, a traumatic dental accident from an activity or accident, gum inflammation/ gum pain, continuous bleeding in the mouth or some form of unknown dental pain that is getting worse.  This "unknown dental pain" can be due to a variety of reasons such as TMJ pain in the jaw.  To figure out what is causing the dental pain, local dentists have various types of dental x-ray imaging machines to help them figure out what is going on.

Local Emergency Dental Questions Online:

Breaking a Tooth Question - I broke my tooth, what should I do? there are many types of dental problems or dental questions we get. One common Local Dental Question is about breaking a tooth.  This can be from many things from a sports accident or simply chewing on something hard.  One thing dentists and patients should be keeping a watch on, is if they have very large dental fillings.  Dental fillings are meant to be smaller.  When the filling covers a large part of the tooth, it is more susceptible to fracturing and breaking. 

There are many local emergency dental questions online people like to ask. One of the common emergency dentist questions we get is about Wisdom Teeth Question/Wisdom Tooth Questions: 

The wisdom tooth is generally the last molar on each quadrant in the mouth. Your Dental Exam consists of various oral examination checkpoints.  Your dentist will usually have some kind of diagram of teeth, placing your teeth into 4 quadrants.  Your wisdom teeth or correctly called third molars are the last teeth on the quadrant. Wisdom teeth may be removed as preventive measures, as well as to correct current dental problems from pain to dental infection in the back of the mouth. If the dentist sees that the tooth is already impacted or it might be problematic in the future, he will most likely recommend it for it to be extracted. Even wisdom teeth that have grown in properly are subject to issues such as an infection from bacteria trapped between the tooth and jaw where it is tough to brush. If infections become frequent, it is a good idea to have the tooth removed as it can cause medical danger. If the wisdom tooth interferes with the tongue, it will need to be removed as the pain will numb the tongue. Also, anyone who has been orthodontically treated is recommended to have the teeth removed as the addition could disrupt the alignment.

Wisdom teeth should only be removed by experienced dental professionals. A panoramic x-ray is the best technology the industry currently has for viewing wisdom teeth and diagnosing problems.

There are several problems that can occur after the removal of wisdom teeth. Some are natural and cannot be avoided, and others the patient has control over. The patient should follow all instructions given by the surgeon diligently. Failure to do so could result in problems ranging from a dry socket to a life-threatening infection.

Dental Dry Socket Question / Emergency Dentists Questions:

Dry sockets are caused by a blood clot falling out or failing to form. Dry Socket is a condition of inflammation of the alveolar jaw bone. After a tooth is extracted, a blood clot starts forming in the area where the tooth was extracted.  If you see a hole in the extraction area without a blood clot, then maybe have a dry socket. The oral surgeon or your dentist will give advice as to how to try to avoid these Dry Socket / Dry Sockets if are having multiple extractions. Painful swelling is to be expected and is a sign that the body is healing naturally. However, the swelling should begin to reduce after it peaks. Your oral surgeon or dentist who extracted the tooth needs should be contacted. We have more Dry Socket Information Blog articles on DentalChat.com. Here is another Emergency Dentistry Dry Socket Problem Information Blog can click. We will be providing more Dental Emergency Dry Socket Treatment Info in future local dental blogs. Here is some useful dry socket treatment info.

Tooth Extraction Dry Socket Information:

  • It should start to heal over a period of 10 days or less.
  • A dry socket can cause a lot of pain.
  • Do not pick at the area.
  • Post-op visit your dentist.
  • Good idea to Not smoke while the area is healing.
  • Gentle rinsing of the area after the first day. 
  • Want tissue formation, clot to form - so do not want to pick at it.
  • Home remedies such as clove oil and aloe vera work for some?
  • Any home remedies, use very carefully.
  • Topical gel after the first day may relieve a little, but again - use sparingly and carefully.
  • Good idea to eat softer foods.
  • Antibiotics may help. Ask your dentist to make sure what is right for you.
  • Bottom line - try to relax and give it time. 

Local Dental Implant Questions:  

Some people may be having to get their tooth or possibly several teeth extracted.  These people are wanting to know more dental implant information, and are dental implants a good choice?   Dental implants have been shown to be effective dental restoration if properly treatment planned and done by an expert local dentist.  Dental implants also need to be placed into a healthy jaw bone area. Dentists will evaluate them on the amount of bone in the jaw where placing dental implants, the medical history of the patient, etc.  Also, dental implants need to have good oral dental care - after the placement of a dental implant.  That is, cleaning the area / brushing properly, etc. There are various dental implant companies in the marketplace, with each dentist having their own preference of which dental implants company to work with. Another Dental Implant Question we get asked is, can dental implants fail or can a dental implant need to be taken out?  The simple answer is yes. Dental implants need to placed into the right type of jaw bone and need to be taken care of. Like to know more about dental implants? Please go to our DentalChat article, Dental Implant Failure and Dental Implants Placement Information Blog.

Teeth wear and tear blogging: Bruxism or grinding of the teeth while sleeping.

We did discuss briefly the wear and tear on teeth that goes on when people are chewing food.  Chewing teeth is not the only time that teeth are being used.  Some people while sleeping actually grind their teeth or clench very hard on their teeth.  This condition of grinding of teeth while sleeping is called bruxism.  We at Dental Chat have many great local dentists blogs and dental articles.  Here is a link to some more dental information on Bruxism.

We at DentalChat are looking to provide more and more useful dental information online. Live dental chat messaging and online dentist communicating with people.  The entire telemedicine and teledentistry space is growing, with many great technology innovations in online health care. Online TeleDental Blog and TeleDentistry Connecting with Local Dentists with us.

In this local dentist blog, we discussed local dental emergencies and the need to see a dentist as soon as can.  We discussed the wear and tear from chewing food or other activities. Local Dental Problem Blog, Online Bruxism Blog, Teeth Grinding Chat, Local Dental Emergencies Chat Online and Local Dental Emergency Blogging Online with us - we are looking for great online dental bloggers to contribute dentist blogs with us. Anyone experiencing some type of dental emergency should try to visit a local dentist or doctor as soon as can.  Statistics show that some people with severe dental pain or dental emergency may end up going to the ER because they do Not have an existing dentist and can not find a dentist to see during the middle of the night.  It is good to get a regular dental exam and dental prophy ( dental cleaning) so you can check your teeth and fix dental problems before they become worse.