Emergency Dentist Question about popcorn kernels and foods that can break your teeth.

Many people have Emergency Dentist Question when they have a dental emergency. We get many Emergency Dentist Questions here at DentalChat.

One of the most common Dental Emergency Question(s) we get is about breaking a tooth when chewing food. One food that can cause good or bad teeth to break or chip is unpopped popcorn kernels - when people are chewing on popcorn either at home or specially in the movie theater when everything is dark. As many popcorn eaters will tell you - not all popcorn kernels pop and some that do, still have the hard kernel fragment still in them. One one chews down, well - if chew hard enough, the tooth bearing the force can chip or worse yet, fracture. One thing as a consumer can do when buying a bag of popcorn is to shake them, so the kernels go more towards the bottom. The other, is eat them more slowly and take a more gentle bite into them when starting to chew - so, this way will notice if something hard is inside the popcorn.

Another emergency dentist question about foods that can break your teeth at Dental Chat, is about hard candy. Most dentists will tell you, be very careful chewing on hard candy. Not only are they hard - but also have a stickiness to them. Hence, they can go into the fossa or crevice of teeth and when continuously chewing on them, can cause good and specially teeth with large fillings in them, to chip or break.

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