Teeth Sensitivity

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Teeth sensitivity is one of the most common dental problems for adults. There are many
reasons why someone has teeth sensitivity, but finding the exact cause may not be as easy.

What Is Teeth Sensitivity?

Sensitive teeth or teeth sensitivity can occur for many reasons, though usually it is the result of worn out teeth or from wearing away the facial portion of your teeth. This is referred to as the facial or buccal portion of teeth, with the enamel having been worn away.This is seen on the side of the teeth from aggressive brushing with a hard-bristled toothbrush, or an exposed tooth root.
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Tooth discomfort can also be caused by other factors, like a cavity, cracked tooth, a recently
placed filling that is close to the pulp, or not fully filling an exposed dentin area.
Teeth Whitening:
Sensitivity can be a side effect from whitening teeth, but this may go away after a few days. If
there is tooth sensitivity prior to whitening, this should be fixed before proceeding with the
whitening process.
The options for treating sensitive teeth varies. This includes using a softer toothbrush and
brushing correctly, a fluoride treatment from your dentist, a gum graft procedure if severe gum
recession is present, composite filling used to cover exposed dentin, or doing a root canal on
the tooth.
Root Canal:
For deep fillings, pulp exposure, infection, or having extreme sensitivity in one tooth, then a root
canal typically fixes the problem. The procedure removes the dental pulp, and the pain should
subside after it.
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