Dental Bone Grafting Question And Dental Ridge Augmentation

Have you heard the saying, that as we get older - you are getting longer in the tooth? What does that even mean? Well, the jaw bone in many people starts receding or going down when people start becoming elderly, making it seem as though they are getting “long in the tooth.” Gum disease is a major problem for many adults over the age of 40 in the USA and globally.

We receive many emergency dental questions about gum disease and gum problem questions @ DentalChat. We get many Dental Bone Graft Questions and Perio Question Online @ DentalChat. Many times people having multiple dental implants placed into their mouth, maybe needing some form of a dental bone graft or dental ridge augmentation procedure to be done. 


Many dentists refer to periodontal problems, as perio problems. Periodontal is defined as the dental structures that surround your teeth, such as the gums or the dental bone that attached the tooth to the jaw. Maintaining the jaw bone structures and having healthy gum care is very important to keep your teeth. Hence, the dental bone structures that support the teeth are very important. If there is significant dental bone loss or periodontal problems in the mouth, then dental ridge treatment may be necessary if wanting to have dental implants placed. 

Dental ridge augmentation treatment 

What is Dental Bone Ridge Augmentation? A common dental question we get asked is why does Jaw Bone Augmentation even need to be done. Many times people who have had functioning teeth extracted and are looking to place dental implants may have had moderate to severe dental jaw bone recession. The dental bone ridge is made of alveolar bone that holds the teeth in place. Alveolar bone is sometimes referred to as the alveolar process.

When the alveolar bone has receded and has gone down, then bone grafting augmentation may be necessary. In these instances, your dentist, oral surgeon or periodontist may suggest having a dental jaw bone augmentation. Since the jaw bone has gone down, a dental bone graft or dental bone grafting may be required. 

Dental Implant Information

Most people have become familiar with what is a dental implant and how they can replace a missing tooth or missing teeth. The dental implant screw is placed into the alveolar jaw bone. After the dental implant, at usually another stage - the dental implant crown is placed onto the dental implant. The dental implant is a screw-like structure that is placed into the mouth by dentists, oral surgeons or periodontists. Common dental implant question we get asked is >> So, why does dental bone grafting need to be done if having dental implants placed into my mouth?

Because if there is not sufficient bone to hold the dental implant structure in place and to place the dental implant into your mouth, then the dental implant will fail. That is, the dental implant needs a sufficient amount of dental jaw bone to be present, in order to be successfully placed into the mouth - and for it to last. There are many reasons that dental implants can fail or not last, with some of them being not healthy oral hygiene and sufficient dental bone in the mouth. 

 Synthetic Dental Bone Grating Material 

A Common Dental Bone Grafting Question we get asked is, what kind of bone is being placed into the jaw or what kind of dental bone grafting material is being used? There is synthetic bone material used by some dentists and others may use bone grafting material from animals, other humans or even possibly from the same person being treated. Using the bone from the same person being treated is called an autograft. When dentists use synthetic dental bone grafting material - it is generally referred to or called an alloplastic graft.

Xenograft bone grafting is when using other specifies to get the bone from. There are various types of xenograft materials your dentist can use when doing a dental jaw bone graft. Usually, most times the xenografting bone comes from bovine bone or cow bone material. All graft materials need to be properly handled and fabricated. Your dentist can sometimes provide various dental bone grafting options - of which dental materials like to choose from.  Synthetic dental bone graft materials include synthetic calcium phosphate materials, which are similar to human or bovine (cow) bone. One of the benefits of synthetic dental bone grafting materials is there is less chance of diseases being passed or transferred over.  

Gum disease and periodontal bone loss is a common problem for many adults, especially the elderly. One way of trying to reduce gum disease is by doing regular dental prophy at your dental office, and be doing daily proper dental flossing & toothbrushing. Good dental hygiene and having regular dental exams / dental cleanings should start at an early age.

Unfortunately, many people across the globe do not get regular dental prophies and do not maintain great dental oral hygiene. This will lead to dental plaque increase and eventual dental gum problems. All dentists know how to treat periodontal problems, though some dental periodontal procedures are sometimes referred to a periodontist (a dental gum care specialist). People with severe dental gum problems and need various forms of periodontal surgery, many times are referred to periodontists by their general dentists. If have a Dental Gum Problem Question, you can go ahead and post your dental question here with us at DentalChat. 

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