Tooth Pain Questions : What to do if a tooth chip or tooth breaks?

Best Tooth Pain Questions

What are some emergency dental questions we get asked?  We do get many local dentist questions or emergency dental questions about toothache and teeth sensitivity. There are actually many ways or reasons a person may be experiencing tooth pain or have bad toothache pain.

Tooth Pain Questions

What are some dental solutions to various dental pain problems and dental emergencies that can happen?  We will discuss some ways of treating various types of tooth pain or toothache pain. If a person does have a bad toothache, then they should see a local dentist as soon as can. Yes, some reasons why someone is having tooth pain are indeed self-inflicted - sometimes unknowingly. 

For instance, some people grind their teeth while they sleep and can at times wake up with tooth pain because of it. We will discuss some ways of treating these types of dental ailments or dental solutions. Best tooth pain questions, teeth pain question blogging, and Online Dental Problem Chatting in this local dentist blog.  Many people at some point in their life, will probably deal with some kind of dental pain or some kind of dental emergency.   

What to do if a tooth chip or tooth breaks? 

Many people at some point may experience one or more of their teeth either chipping or breaking. The outside layer of the tooth is called enamel.  Enamel is very strong but not indestructible.  From time to time, enamel can chip or break.  We get asked many local chipped tooth questions online at DentalChat. A common dental tooth filling breaking question is, why did my tooth filling chip? Teeth with fillings can chip or break. 

If you have a large filling in your mouth, then there is always a chance that a part of the tooth or filling can break off.  So, what should you do if your tooth chips or breaks? For one, if your tooth does chip or break - you want to see a local dentist as soon as possible. Many times your local dentist may provide a Free Dentist Consult just to look at your small tooth chip, etc. Especially, if they did the tooth filling recently. You can ask your dental office. Some people wait for days and weeks or months before getting their chipped tooth filling fixed. What can happen? 

Then the chipped tooth can potentially chip or fracture more - or if there are tooth cavies, expand into the dental pulp nerve area. Hence, getting the chipped tooth treated by your local emergency dentist is a great idea.

Not all tooth chips or tooth breaks are the same.  If there is a small chip on the edge of your teeth, they want to make sure it does not break off more and make sure it does not cut your lip or tongue when chewing.  If the tooth breaks in such a way, that there is an actual tooth fracture - then that is of more concern. 

These types of tooth breaks or tooth fractures can cause serious damage to the tooth.  In both cases, we should try to see a dentist as soon as can - to get the tooth repaired.  If the tooth fractures into the pulp canal or pulp chamber area of the tooth, they will feel more sensitivity most likely and may need to get root canal treatment.   Unfortunately for those people that the fracture goes down into the root area under the gums, then the tooth may possibly need to be extracted.

Your dentist will take some dental X-rays and do a thorough dental exam, and then provide dental treatment options.  For example, if a large portion of the tooth chips off and there is no nerve damage - then your dentist may suggest having a dental crown done instead of a tooth filling. 

Swollen Cheek Or Tooth Abscess

People that do not treat their tooth cavities and have holes in their teeth, may be faced with this condition of a swollen cheek or gum area.  Many times, it can happen out of nowhere - though most times this has happened because of a tooth cavity that has been in the mouth for some time.  The amount of cheek or mouth swelling can be quite large.  This type of dental emergency is serious and needs to be treated. 

tooth abscess

People who do not have a regular dentist, and can not find a dentist who will see them - may sometimes end up in the ER in the middle of the night because of this condition.  If your mouth is swollen or inflamed for any reason, you need to visit a local dentist or doctor's office as soon as possible.  Treatment may include antibiotics, draining of the swelling or the pus, root canal treatment, or tooth extraction.  In many countries that lack proper dental care and do not have an adequate number of local dentists, patients will many times just have their tooth or teeth extracted.  By doing so, the inflammation or abscess should subside. 

Of course, these people unfortunately now have missing teeth or a missing tooth - and usually can not afford to get a dental implant or even a partial denture.  Many times some people may think that by just having antibiotics, they are treating the tooth abscess or mouth swelling.  Antibiotics can help, but the abscessed tooth will have to be treated.  If there is a periapical infection or tooth abscess, then most likely either the person will need to have root canal treatment or have the tooth extracted.  

Do you wake up with your teeth hurting in the morning or your mouth tired after waking up?

Grinding of the teeth or bruxism is a condition that affects many people.  If you are noticing that you are clenching your teeth at night or your mouth feels tired when you wake up in the morning, then you need to have your mouth checked out for bruxism.  Your dentist will be able to notice fairly quickly if are grinding your teeth at night. 

For one, your back teeth may be more flat due to the grinding of the teeth.  Bruxism is treated by having people use relaxing routines before sleep, and also by wearing some form of a nightguard dental appliance that your dentist can have made for you.  Dental bruxism blog link if want more dental information.

People with bruxism can wake up with their teeth in pain and also, can possibly chip or break their teeth.  The dental appliance or the type of mouthguard that your dentist may recommend varies based on the severity of the bruxism.  Some people only occasionally grind their teeth at night, while others may be severely wearing their teeth away because of bruxism or grinding of the teeth at night.

Free Dentist Consult 

Getting a free dental consult is different than getting a free full dental examination.  Many times, people have some sort of a local dental problem or some sort of toothache pain - and they do not know what to do.  Also, they do not know how much it will cost?  Other times, a person may break a tooth off of a denture or chip their dental crown - in these cases, the individual wants to have an idea of what the fix will be and how much will it cost? 

Some dentists and dental offices will provide a free dental consult or free dentist consult session, to provide the patient with some sort of an idea of what they are looking at - as far as costs and as far as treatment.  Since this is usually not a full dental exam, this may be a ballpark figure.  For small procedures, this may not be necessary, but say when getting several dental implants that may end up costing thousands of dollars - the free dental consult may be a good idea.  Not all dental offices will provide a free dental consult.  It is best to ask first and know the dental office policies on dental consults, and if any cost is involved or not.

Local Dental Emergencies

In this local dentists' questions online blog, we chatted about local dental emergency occurrences and what to do when they happen. We discuss all types of dental care topics. In this local emergency dental care blog, we did Local Emergency Dentist Blog about Common Tooth Pain Questions and a Local dental emergency discussion online about how to treat some common tooth pain problems. 

Local Dental emergencies can happen at any time and anywhere. Local emergency dentist treatment options when dealing with a dental emergency. We have discussed various tooth pain types of questions we get at Dental Chat. Best tooth pain questions blog, local teeth pain question blogging, and free dental consult chat at

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