Tooth Problems Discussion

Teeth are an important part of our body. We use them not just for chewing
and eating food, but they also have an important effect on the type of
appearance one has. What are the most common dental problems people
face and what are the most discussed about tooth problems people ask
dentists? In this local dentist blog, we will be discussing the various type of
teeth problems people face & what can be done to treat these dental
problems. We will discuss some of the dental problems and teeth problems
that arise for people from time to time.
Wisdom Teeth Hurting Chat​ - ​ Wisdom tooth problem question​ : Though
wisdom teeth which are referred to by dentists as third molars start erupting
usually in the teenage years usually somewhere between the age of 15 to
18, wisdom teeth problems can occur at any age for adults. Many times, a
wisdom tooth does not fully erupt or come out of the gums in the back of
the mouth. The wisdom tooth or wisdom teeth can be fully erupted,
partially impacted or sometimes even fully impacted (all the way below the
gums - which can be seen by dental x-rays or pan x-rays in the dental
office). In any of these conditions, tooth pain / toothache, gum pain and
jaw pain can occur. It is best to see your general dentist first to see what is
going on? Sometimes, your general dentist may refer you to an oral
surgeon that specializes in extracting impacted wisdom teeth or third
molars. For third molar extractions, some people may wish to be put to
sleep though many people do not.
Periodontal Problem Chat​ - ​ Gum problems question​ :
For adults, one of the major causes of tooth loss is gum disease or
periodontitis. Gum disease usually gradually grows worse and worse over
time - usually due to neglect from good oral hygiene, such as not tooth
brushing regularly and not flossing. Also, from not going to an oral
hygienist usually twice a year - though, can be more for those with
advanced gum disease problems​ . What are advanced gum diseaseproblems? This can be due to gum inflammation or possibly even the
loosening of the teeth. First, if you do have loose teeth or inflamed gums,
you should go to your local general dentist. If have advanced gum
problems and dental bone loss around the teeth, then your general dentist
may refer you to a specialized dentist called a periodontist.
Breaking or Chipping a Tooth Chat​ - ​ Accidental Tooth Breaking Question​ :
Many people, unfortunately, break their teeth when chewing on some kind
of hard food or when playing active sports that involves contact with others.
When a tooth does chip or break, you should take of this as soon as
possible. Since a fractured or chipped tooth may possibly chip or break
even more if chew on. The treatment by your dentist will first involve a
careful dental exam and some dental x-rays. After this, dental treatment
may involve: (1) A root canal if pain and the pulp nerve is involved. (2) A
composite filling. (3) A dental crown. (4) If the tooth is fractured under the
gum line, then possibly it may, unfortunately, need to be extracted.
Dental Caries Chat​ - ​ Tooth Decay Question​ and ​ Children's Teeth Decays
Problem Ask Pediatric Dentists​ :
Tooth decay happens for both kids and adults. For children, their baby
teeth or primary teeth can develop caries fairly easily. As we know, a
majority of people with lose their baby teeth by their early teens. There are
exceptions though. Some adults interestingly enough, still have one or
more of their baby teeth. Though this is fairly rare. Since baby teeth can
last 10 or more years in the mouth, if a tooth decay or teeth caries develops
- it does need to be treated by a dentist. Usually your general dentist or
pediatric dentist will place some sort of composite filling to fix the problem.
Kids with larger caries, may require a form of temporary crown. Since kids
teeth usually do eventually fall out or are extracted; usually a temporary
form of crown is placed on teeth with larger caries. If that is not possible,
then perhaps the tooth is extracted and maybe a form of space maintaineris placed. For adults, caries can be a big problem as well. If the size of the
caries is small, then usually a simple filling shall suffice. On the other hand,
if the dental cavity is large - then some sort of larger composite filling, inlay
or onlay restoration may be needed. If the caries is extremely large, and
has gone into the pulp nerve area of the tooth - then a root canal therapy
treatment would be required, which is followed usually by a dental crown. If
the person does not want to save a tooth that has a pulp canal infection,
then most likely they will choose to have it removed or extracted.
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