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Less than 10 years ago, most people did not know what telemedicine was. Now many physicians and healthcare insurance companies are advocating using Telemed services. Local On-demand Dentists and Live Virtual Dentistry have been growing rapidly in the last couple of years. This live dental care virtual service is usually referred to as Teledental or Teledentistry services. 

Telemedicine was a relatively unknown concept to most people before COVID-19. However, today, it has become widely embraced by physicians and healthcare insurance companies alike. Similarly, the landscape of dental care has evolved with the emergence of on-demand dentistry consultations and live virtual dentistry services. This rapidly growing sector, often referred to as Teledental or Teledentistry services, allows individuals to access dental care remotely and in real-time. By leveraging technologies such as dental chatbots and virtual dentist consultations, patients can receive professional dental advice, diagnosis, and treatment recommendations without the need for in-person visits. This trend highlights a shift towards more accessible and convenient dental care options, reflecting the broader adoption of virtual dental care solutions in the dental health industry. 

Dental Chatbot and AI Dentistry with Dental Imaging X-ray Technology:

Dental practices can now add dental chatbots to their dental website. Dental practices now have the opportunity to elevate their online presence and optimize patient engagement through the implementation of dental chatbots on their websites. These cutting-edge chatbots, driven by AI dentistry technology, mark a transformative advancement in the patient experience by delivering real-time assistance and support. Furthermore, the seamless integration of dental chatbots with dental imaging X-ray technology enables practices to provide comprehensive virtual consultations and diagnostics. With user-friendly interfaces, patients can seamlessly interact with the chatbot to schedule appointments, seek information on dental procedures, and even undergo preliminary assessments utilizing dental X-ray images. This fusion of dental chatbots and AI dentistry with dental imaging X-ray technology not only enhances operational efficiency and accessibility but also significantly elevates the standard of care offered by dental practices.


Local Teledentistry is growing, especially with the current COVID-19 pandemic. On-demand dentistry is a relatively new technology that allows patients to connect with dental professionals from the comfort and convenience of their own homes. While telemedicine has been around for several years now, Teledentistry is relatively new! Both falling under the category of virtual healthcare, this cutting-edge service is taking over professional innovative dental practices and medical offices alike. 

Virtual Dental Care Office - Are you a Local TeleDentist?

Telehealth is a new form of communication that uses technology that allows patients to receive support and treatment advice over long-distance communications. Incorporating wireless and terrestrial communications, as well as video conferencing, it is easy to understand why this new innovation is spreading its way through the healthcare industry.

Interestingly enough, now local dentists can become a Local Teledentist Office. Becoming local tel dentists, using local teledentistry for a dental consult, and using teledental video consulting in real-time, are becoming more and more necessary. This need is becoming more and more evident, especially with the coronavirus pandemic where in-office dental care is becoming more challenging.

Research has shown that over 60% of American households with internet access have expressed interest in using telehealth, telemedical, and teledental services. This is especially true for individuals in more rural areas, where there are not sufficient health care options within a sufficient distance. In addition to reaching more individuals and potential customers, Teledentistry decreases the cost and time devoted to traveling to the dentist, as well as the hassle of searching for a dentist that accepts your health coverage insurance.

Oftentimes, you cannot get an appointment on the same day, and dental emergencies don’t always happen during conveniently planned times, i.e. when you have a dental appointment. Before telehealth and teledentist services, your only option was usually to visit an urgent dental health care center or an emergency room. No matter which you choose, the result is the same: hours of waiting for a ridiculously high medical bill. With tel dental services patients can receive specialized treatment at an affordable cost, when they need it, all from the comfort and convenience of their own homes. 

What are Live Teledental and Local Teledentistry Consultations?

Teledental care can be provided to many people seeking live video dentist consultation. Teledentistry or Teledental services can help people get remote dental questions answered online virtually. This can be done from anywhere and anytime - since it is remote. Teledentistry is a remote dental communications service that provides patients with dental healthcare advice and solutions. This is not a substitute for in-office dental care treatment. The purpose of this service is to bring dental services to those individuals who lack dental care for whatever reason—whether it be locality issues or scheduling conflicts. 

Dentists can conduct dental video conferencing consultations where they can consult and diagnose certain cases before providing follow-up advice or an in-person follow-on appointment the next day.  Local dental offices are looking for the best teledentistry services they can find - and provide great resources for patients and dentists.

Virtual Dental Care and How Does Teledentistry Work? 

All you need is a computer or smartphone and an internet connection. Then, by logging online through a secure message portal, patients can discuss emergent issues with their dentist 

as they arise. This means no more waiting for appointments when you need care now! Your dentist will discuss your occurring problem and will offer advice all via the secure chat portal. In some cases, your dental professional might ask you to show them the problem area. To do this, simply shine a light in your mouth and open it wide for the dentist—just like you would if you were at their office! This level of convenience is new to the dental world, and with DentalChat, we are excited to bring it to dental practices across the nation! 

This convenient initial online appointment is beneficial as the dentist can prescribe antibiotics or other treatments as needed until the patient can get in for an in-person appointment. 

DentalChat Goals - AI Dental Chatbot with Live Dentist Consultation Online:  

At, our number one priority is connecting more people with dentists. We want to help people get the dental care they need. Many people end up with urgent dental care problems and are seeking emergency local dentists.  As mentioned earlier, it is too often that people either are not able to be seen by a dentist due to scheduling conflicts or simply cannot afford routine or even emergency treatment and care. People can get real-time AI Dental Chatbot information and then connect with a Live Dentist for further in-depth discussion. A Live Dentist Consultation Online while chatting was pioneered by Dentalchat. 

To combat this, we have introduced Teledental technologies and are spreading them to dental practices across the nation. Our leading Teledental ChatBot technology is leading in the dental industry. We have been leading dental care innovation over the past decade and more. This is not just with DentalChat, but with other dental online platforms as well. Since our conception, has been helping people get more dental information through dental chatting and dental blogging. We are using smart dental technologies to help people with their dental questions and to find local dentists. 

Find Dentists Near You - Ask an Urgent Dental Question Online:

Find a Local Dentist Near You or Ask Dentistry Questions Online with us. Post Your Local Emergency Dentist Question and Dental Chat with Dentists at DentalChat. Currently, Free Dental Consult Online and Free Dentist Question Consult Chat with Dentists.

Not too long ago, most businesses did not even have websites. Most local businesses in the 1990s did not have internet. Late in the 1990s to early 2000s did businesses began creating their own business website. Even with the internet spreading and becoming more popular, it was still common for dental practices to not have a website throughout the 1990s. Of course, once they saw other dental offices and doctor offices use internet marketing, the late adapters began looking for a web presence. Technology is now so easy to implement in all aspects of our lives.  This has brought us a level of convenience that had not been offered before. 

Local On-Demand Virtual Dental Care and Teledental Services:

People are becoming more used to telemedicine and tile doctor consulting online with their physicians. In recent months, this trend has continued into other aspects of health care, such as dentistry. Local On-Demand Dental Care or becoming a Local On-demand Dentist is very advantageous for both dentists and patients. Expect more local dentists and dental practices to offer Local Teledental Services to their patients. To new and existing dental patients. 

This telemed and teledental technology innovation has provided great access to dentists for local patients online. This makes it possible for users and businesses to interact. Because of this, DentalChat uses Local Teledentistry messaging technology, dental chatbot communication tools, and the best dentists' chatbot web communication innovation to connect patients and dentists. By incorporating DentalChat into your dental practice, patients will be able to utilize a secure communication tool connecting them to dentists in their local area.

This is the best way to attract and retain clientele, as they are most likely to book and utilize your services at the moment they are looking for them. This means when they are online. So, the next time they come to your website and need immediate dental care or treatment, make sure your practice has DentalChat installed. This will allow the practice to directly communicate with the patient in the moment they are on the page, and get them seen by a dentist right away, all while conveniently located at their home! 

At DentalChat, we provide you with a multi-use communication tool that connects dentist practices with patients while they’re online. In addition, DentalChat offers licensed dentists in-house who are available to provide reliable information in real-time, at any time. We connect all patients to dentists in their area. By using DentalChat Bot technologies, dental practices make themselves and their team available to clients online. 

By using Smart Dental ChatBot Messaging Communication Technology, existing and new dental patients can easily connect and chat with their dental practice. Adding Dental Chat Bot Messaging on your local dentist practice website is a must if you consider your practice up to date with the latest trends and technologies. 

Connect with Local Dentists via the DentalChat Application: 

DentalChat’s ChatBot Messaging Communication Technology can be downloaded to your mobile device, making it easier to chat with dental practices or manage your account. DentalChat offers applications on both iOS and Android devices. 

This innovation allows patients more flexibility as they can communicate with their dental office in their free time—that means no more missed calls! Additionally, DentalChat ensures all communications between dentists and patients are private and secure. Not only can patients create local dental requests for their dentist, but they can also ask dental questions and read dental blog postings. 

Using modern technology is important in all aspects of life. Digital technology has changed health care. Local TeleDentists or using Live TeleDentistry Dental Consulting Online is here to stay. The current COVID pandemic has made this more necessary than ever. As discussed, now people are more and more expecting online health care services. We at DentalChat offer perhaps the Best Dental Chatbot for dental offices - to ADD the Best Dental ChatBot to your website, simply go to the dentist and sign up at

Live Dental ChatBot, Add Teledentistry Service, Best Dentist Chatbots, Local On-Demand Dentist, Local Dental Chat Bot Messaging in Real-time between dental patients and local dentists:

We are helping people to connect with dentists and dental offices - when they need dental answers to their local dentist questions.

Summary - AI Dental Chat Bot and Live Dentistry Consult Online:

Ultimately, if you are a dental practice it is very beneficial that you add DentalChat’s ChatBot Messaging Communication Technology to your local dentist website. This will enable you to attract and retain more customers, while also offering a convenient and affordable service to those most in need.  

We are at Dentalchat partnering with local health digital media companies and dental professionals. Great time for local dentists to market with us. is a pioneer in teledentistry and virtual dental care consultation online. We want to bring more smiles across the globe.