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Many people in the US have various type of dental problems.  With these, many people have many dental questions.  We are looking to answer these dental question inquiries, to hopefully help people get more dental knowledge and info. 

This is a important dental statistic in the US, according to the - Centers for Disease Control-

  • Percent of children aged 5-19 years with untreated dental caries: 18.6% (2011-2014)
  • Percent of adults aged 20-44 with untreated dental caries: 31.6% (2011-2014)

We will cover couple common dental questions

(1)  Why do I have bad breath?

(2)  Why do may teeth break or fracture so easily?

(3)  Wisdom Tooth is coming in and having pain?

There are many common dental questions - one Common Dental Question is why do I have bad breath, even after brushing my teeth.  One reason can be having dental problem with bad breath, is many of these people lack proper dental care or do not get regular dental prophy at their local dental office.  Some of these people go many years without getting a professional prophy.  Of course food diet and some genetics goes into it as well.

Another Emergency Dentist Question, is why do my teeth break so often?  Many times people with very large fillings in their mouth, end up having teeth that break. Also, some people grind their teeth while sleeping and of course, some have "softer" teeth due to genetics.  Some people are more prone to cavities.  Of course, proper dental care, brushing and flossing, etc. can help with limiting dental caries, etc.  Getting regular prophy and dental exam at your dentist can check to see if their are any dental problems that can be detected by dental exam or dental xrays. 

Another common dental question is about wisdom tooth or wisdom teeth: 

Wisdom teeth or a wisdom tooth usually starts to be felt around the age(s) of 15 or 16 or 17 or 18 - though this can vary depending on the individual.  Not all wisdom teeth come out from under the gum, some stay impacted.  Best way to know what is going on is to take dental xrays.

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