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Common Dental Question Chat, Emergency Dentists Questioning, Common Dental Questions Blog

As an online dental platform, DentalChat was founded to help answer people's dental questions and to better help people with dental care challenges.  We strive to continuously improve our services - and to make us the best dental platform. There are many dental questions we get asked - many times it is because of a dental problem they are facing.  Many people suffer from a dental emergency, many times in the middle of the night.  Some of these people end up in the hospital emergency room (ER) because their tooth pain/mouth pain is so severe.  Dental emergencies can not only be painful but also can be dangerous.  An untreated tooth abscess can cause overall health demise. The tooth abscess can undermine the whole body and not just the mouth.  Not just a couple thousand people go to the ER every year because of dental emergencies - it is estimated that over 2 million people in the United States alone go to the Emergency Room because of a dental emergency.  We will be Local Dental Emergency Blogging & doing Online Emergency Dentist Chatting in this Dentist Blog. Some common dental emergency problems include wisdom tooth pain, breaking or chipping a tooth, tooth abscess, children going through teething, tooth abscess, and gum problems to name a few.

Common Dental Question Chat, Emergency Dentists Questioning, Common Dental Questions Blog

Why do people ask so many local dental questions online? Common Dental Question Online Discussion 

Teeth are an important part of our lives. We need teeth to chew food. Clean and nice-looking teeth also make us more attractive looking. As we will discuss in this local dental article, there are many common dental questions people ask us at Dentalchat. We have been helping people get their local dentistry questions answered online at perhaps longer than any other dental platform. 

Dental Hygiene Questions about Periodontal Problems and Virtual Dental Care Answers Online

Many people have poor dental hygiene or have periodontal problems. Periodontal gum disease is a very common dental problem that many people face. We get asked periodontal dental hygiene questions such as, "Why do my gums bleed so much when I brush my teeth?" Periodontal gum disease affects many adults. In many places in the world, they do not properly brush and floss their teeth. Also, they do not get regular dental prophylaxis cleaning. This can cause periodontal problems. 

Tooth Abscess Problem Question Information:

There are a variety of types and severity of tooth abscess problems a person can face. When having a tooth abscess, the person should visit their local dentist's office. If it is late in the evening, and the person has to go to the ER - the ER will usually prescribe some sort of antibiotics and recommend seeing the dentist as soon as they can.  All tooth abscesses should be taken care of as soon as can. Especially, any tooth abscess that is large enough to notice or for instance goes towards the upper sinus cavity, should be treated.  Many times your dentist or doctor will provide some sort of antibiotics and drain the abscess.  One way of doing this is by extracting the abscessed tooth.  Most dentists rather save functional teeth, hence they may recommend root canal treatment.

Teeth Sensitivity Problem Questions:

Many people experience sensitive teeth when drinking something very cold or hot. Many of these people have worn-out facial surfaces of their front teeth or bicuspid teeth.  The enamel erosion can be caused by cavities or by tooth brushing very hard. We t DentalChat get asked many Tooth Sensitivity Questions Online and have dentists to answer these Sensitive Teeth Questions in real time. Many times, dentists will use composite fillings to address this.  Sometimes, the patient may require root canal treatment, dental veneers, or dental crowns. If want more dental info about Sensitive Teeth or have Sensitive Tooth Questions, can read more at our Sensitive Tooth Blog link at Dental Chat.

Common Dental Question Chat, Emergency Dentists Questioning, Common Dental Questions Blog & Local Dental Emergency Problems Discussion with us about Dental Crown Problems.

We want to discuss various dental care issues and Dentistry Problems by Chatting online with us @ One common dental problem older people with dental crowns may face is a crown that is either breaking or falling out.  If the dental crown is in good condition, it is possible for your dentist to professionally re-cement the crown.  If the fit is not good or the dental crown is chipped, then your dentist will most likely take an impression and make you a new dental crown. In some instances, if the tooth fractures and breaks off with the dental crown - then the tooth may need to be extracted. In this case, your dentist will probably recommend a dental implant placement in the tooth extraction area. 

Many people in the US have various types of dental problems.  With these, many people have many dental questions.  We are looking to answer these dental question inquiries, to hopefully help people get more dental knowledge and info. 

This is an important dental statistic in the US, according to the - Centers for Disease Control-

- Percent of children aged 5-19 years with untreated dental caries: 18.6% (2011-2014)

- Percent of adults aged 20-44 with untreated dental caries: 31.6% (2011-2014)

We will cover a couple common dental questions

(1)  Why do I have bad breath?

(2)  Why do my teeth break or fracture so easily?

(3)  Wisdom Tooth is coming in and having pain?

There are many common dental questions - one Common Dental Question is why do I have bad breath, even after brushing my teeth.  One reason can be having a dental problem with bad breath - is that many of these people lack proper dental care or do not get regular dental prophy at their local dental office.  Some of these people go for many years without getting a professional prophy.  Of course, food diet, and genetics do go into it as well.  Bad breath is also known as halitosis.  Bad breath can be a signal that there may be a lack of dental care - that is, the patient is Not going in for regular dental prophy every 6 months or so.  Many people with bad breath have not gone to a local dentist for many years. 

Live Emergency Dental Questions Consultation and Virtual Dentist Consulting Online 

With the advent of dental telemedicine or Teledental consultation services, people can now get their local dental questions answered virtually online with live dentists.  Something like this was not imaginable say 50 or 60 years ago. Now. a local dentist and dental patient can connect via a computer or their mobile phones from anywhere, at any time. With virtual dental care consultations, your Teledentist may be able to provide a dental antibiotic prescription in many areas across the USA.

We get asked many local emergency dental questions about teeth breaking such as, "Why do teeth break so easily?"

Another Emergency Dentist Question, is why do my teeth break so often?  Many times people with very large fillings in their mouth, end up having teeth that break. Large fillings can undermine the tooth.  In general, a tooth filling is supposed to be small in size.  If the tooth filling is covering most of the tooth, the likelihood that the tooth will break - increases. Also, some people grind their teeth while sleeping and of course, some have "softer" teeth due to genetics.  Some people are more prone to cavities.  Of course, proper dental care, brushing, flossing, etc. can help with limiting dental caries, etc.  Getting regular prophy and dental exams at your dentist can check to see if there are any dental problems that can be detected by dental exams or dental x-rays. 

Some of the ways a tooth or teeth can break due to:

1. Large filling present in the tooth. Many times these teeth with large amalgam or composite fillings can break off when chewing on something hard. 

2. A sports accident. This is especially the case in contact sports such as boxing, wrestling, basketball, and football. 

3. Trauma from falling down, various dental accidents, falling off a bike, or some sort of a fight. 

4. Bruxism or grinding your teeth at night while sleeping. 

Another common dental question we get asked frequently about is wisdom teeth.  A common wisdom tooth question online is, "How do I know if my wisdom tooth is growing in correctly?"

When wisdom teeth start to erupt, many people experience various levels of pain or discomfort. Wisdom teeth or wisdom tooth usually starts to be felt around the age(s) of 15, 16, 17, or 18 - though this can vary depending on the individual.  Not all wisdom teeth come out from under the gum, some stay impacted.  The best way to know what is going on is to take dental X-rays.  The wisdom tooth is called the third molars by dentists. Wisdom teeth grow in various ways.  Sometimes they erupt, and other times the third molar will remain fully impacted under the gums.  Even these fully impacted wisdom teeth, sometimes need to be extracted.  Either your dentist or oral surgeon will usually extract wisdom teeth.  Not all wisdom teeth or third molars require being extracted. Your dentist by taking dental x-rays and by using dental skeletal imaging machines such as a panoramic dental x-ray unit can best view what is going on. Oral surgeons get more specialized dental training to extract complicated wisdom teeth, though many general dentists can extract these third-molar teeth as well.

Summary - Common Dental Questions and Live Dentist Answers Online at DentalChat

Almost everyone has teeth. Teeth help us chew and have nice smiles. Many people like to ask local dental questions about their teeth. We discussed dental crown problem questions, wisdom tooth problem questions, and tooth abscess problem questions online in this local dental blog. We discussed how an abscessed tooth needs to be seen at the local dentist's office, and may require antibiotics, root canal treatment, or tooth extraction.  We get asked many Common Dental Questions Online and try our best to Answer Your Dentistry Questions as best we can.

Excellent time for the best local dentists and dental professionals to network with us. We welcome dental content to our site that can help people.  We are networking and marketing online with local ad media companies.  Great time for dentists and dental companies to partner online with us at Dental Chat.