Tooth knocked out by accident, Avulsed tooth problem chat

Tooth knocked out by accident Avulsed tooth problem chat

We will be discussing a tooth being knocked out of the mouth in this local dentist's blog.  A tooth is knocked out which is medically called Tooth Avulsion. Tooth avulsion luckily is not a common occurrence. When it does happen, it is not a pleasant thing - as usually one of the front teeth is the one that falls out or comes out during some kind of an accident.  The front teeth having single roots are usually more prone to be knocked out when falling face down. Tooth Avulsion is the total displacement of a tooth from the alveolar bone socket, which results in the tooth being knocked out of the mouth.  

- The tooth is knocked out by accident - Avulsed Teeth Blog / Avulsed Tooth Problem Chat Online:

Kids are active and often accidents do happen.  One type of accident that happens mostly with children and young teens, but can also happen to adults, is the popping out or falling out of a tooth (an avulsed tooth or avulsed teeth).  This can happen when riding a bicycle and falling off or playing active sports.  If the tooth is intact - it is very important to save it (keep it in some kind of liquid, maybe milk if close by). Then, see a dentist as soon as possible.  We will discuss this further in this article.

Tooth knocked out by accident Avulsed tooth problem chat

Having a tooth come or pop out from an accident is not a pleasant experience.  Many times all the blood and the trauma can make people forget to try to save the tooth that came out.  We will be discussing this topic in this Dental Emergency Blog article for DentalChat.  Dental Avulsion of a tooth is the complete avulsion or a tooth coming out completely or usually termed as a "tooth falling out" or a "tooth coming out."  Those that have a local dentist emergency question or like to visit a local dentist - can post their local dentist request using this Dental Chat link

An avulsed tooth happens during an accident when a tooth is dislodged or pushed out from the dental bone socket.  Simply put, this usually happens when teeth get displaced from the position they ought to be in from an accident. Getting a full tooth knocked out can occur or be due to an accident such as a child falling off a bike, or playing sports, etc.  These types of accidents can happen when playing sports, riding a bike, or by kids simply running around and falling down on their faces.

Tooth Replantation - Placing a tooth back into the socket:

Sometimes people place their own tooth or teeth back into place - it is best if possible, to go to a dentist as soon as possible and have them do it.  Tooth Replantation is the term used for placing a fallen-out tooth back into the socket.   Local emergency dentists can help with this problem.  This may or may not work.  Placing the tooth back into the bone socket may or may not work.  Generally, though, it is worth a try. Generally, if the tooth is dirty and has fallen into the dirt, etc. - it is generally recommended to first wash off all the foreign debris of the fallen-out tooth.  Then, try to place it back into the socket gradually.  As mentioned, it is best to go to the dentist's office if close by.  Sometimes, if outside of town or do not have access to a dentist - then will need to try to place it back into the mouth.  One important note, if the tooth is fractured or broken into a couple of pieces - and the root is damaged >> then placing the tooth back into the mouth is most likely not recommended.  That is, if the tooth is fractured badly, placing a portion of the tooth back into the alveolar socket is not a good idea.

If a tooth is knocked out - It is best to save the tooth and go to your dentist as soon as possible. Many recommend placing the tooth in a cup of milk while taking it to your local dentist - or some kind of water (with some salt, if possible). Your dentist may or may not be able to replant the tooth. As long as the socket bone around the tooth has not been fractured, the root usually will reattach firmly to the bone within 3 to 4 weeks. More damage to the area can require more time - from say 6 to 8 weeks, to heal. Your dentist should re-examine the tooth again - good to do so within 3 months to 6 months period.  They can take an x-ray of the avulsed tooth. 

- Is it best to keep the avulsed tooth in a cup of milk instead of water?

The answer to this is yes, ideally.  Of course - not always will milk be available and it is best to visit your local dental office as soon as can.  If there is milk available, then yes - better to place the tooth in milk.  With milk, the tooth cells do not swell up as much as they do with water.  Hence, milk is preferable to water to store the avulsed tooth in - if available.

After Replantation of the Tooth - After putting the Tooth back into the Mouth:

After several years or maybe sooner, sometimes will see the tooth become discolored. Even when replanted, there is always a chance that the tooth may discolor - it may need a root canal later in life, etc.  It is always good to keep an eye on it and share it with your new dentist, so they know what has happened in the past.  That is, later on in life - if the move or are going to a new dentist, it is good to let your dentist know that one of your teeth, had fallen out and been put back into the mouth. 

Common Tooth Avulsion QuestionTooth Fell Out Question we get asked:

Why did my tooth change color after a couple years of replanting the tooth back into my mouth?  Fortunately, the tooth can take and attach to the dental bone socket.  Unfortunately, sometimes the tooth will become non-vital or dead - which causes the tooth to change to a yellowish or grayish color.  This tooth may require root canal treatment as was stated before.  Some people may also look at placing a cap or dental veneer(s) on the front teeth if they have discolored.

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