Denture Repair Chat, Full Dentures Repair and Denture Relining

Denture Repair Chat, Full Dentures Repair Blog and Denture Relining Blogging

50 or 60 years ago, most people aged 50 and older had some form of denture in their mouths. Millions of people have some form of denture in their mouth.  Most times we believe only the elderly have a partial denture or full denture in their mouth.  Adults of various ages may have denture(s) in their mouths.  Now, some people have dental implants and dentures in their mouths. Dentures, like all oral appliances - can at times break or crack.  Sometimes, these dentures can be repaired and other times, it is best to just get a new denture or a new set of dentures.  We get many Online Denture Questions  - Denture Questions such as, do I need to take my denture out at night (the answer is yes).  Another Denture Question we get is, what should I do - My Denture Tooth Broke when I was eating. We will be discussing dentures and denture repair in this Dental Blog.

Denture Repair Chat, Full Dentures Repair Blog and Denture Relining Blogging

 Denture Repair Chat / Full Dentures Repair Blog / Partial Denture Problem:

When your denture gets worn out, it becomes necessary to see a dentist - a dental specialist to help you out. This is a process that has to do with having the denture revitalized, and stabilized because of a bad fit, or if something on the denture breaks. Dentures Repair Blog online with us and more here at DentalChat.  With Denture / Dentures - the dentist will help provide the best options. Can get a dental consultation to see what are the options. This can be for a partial denture or a full denture consultation. Whether to try to save the old denture/dentures, or perhaps just better to get a new set of dentures.  Denture teeth just like natural teeth can break or get damaged. Most dentists / dental offices can help you get your denture repaired. 

When people have their teeth extracted, then the underlying bone will gradually decrease over time.  When a tooth is extracted, the socket area will generally resorb over time.  The denture does not go into the gums, and the bone will go down.  Hence, the denture will not fit well - as the underlying bone has receded.

-  Denture Repair Blog, Denture Relining Information - Soft Denture Relining or Hard Denture Relining:

- Denture Relining Blogging:

When a Denture or Dentures (top and bottom) become worn out, sometimes they can be rebased.  This process is known as Denture Relining. Can do either Soft Denture Relining or Hard Denture Relining. With Denture Relining, it can either be a soft relining or a hard relining.

- Can your dentures be relined?  Need to have the denture first checked out and have an oral exam by your dentist first.

Should I get my dentures relined or get a new set?  To know whether to get a new denture or just have the denture relined -  a thorough exam of the oral mouth/gums is needed first. If the gums have receded a lot and the denture has warped & is broken down, it may be better to just get a new denture.  If the fit is slightly off, then maybe having the denture relined may be a good idea.  Your dentist will check your gums, the bite of the denture, the denture teeth, and the age of the denture - to see the best option.

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Full Denture Repair Question or Partial Denture Clasp Repair Questions::

My Denture Broke, What Should I do?

First and foremost, if a denture breaks in half or a denture tooth comes out - First, try to save all the pieces of the denture.  Each denture is different.  For instance, a full denture may break in half.  While partial dentures, many times have problems with the clasps that hook around a tooth.  That is, a partial denture has more chance of the clasp breaking off.  

Here is a list of things to do when a denture gets damaged:

1.  Try to save as much of the denture as possible.  If a tooth falls out, or a denture breaks in half.  Then try to save the 2 pieces of the denture if possible.

2.  Try to keep these in some kind of moist paper towel or container with some water.  Sometimes, may not be able to see the dentist for a day or 2.  Make sure to keep it in something wet.

3.  See a dentist as soon as possible.  Some dentists are better than others at working with dentures.  There are actual dental offices that sometimes can even provide in-office denture relining or denture repair.  When making a dental appointment, make sure to tell the receptionist what is going on.  Visiting Your Local Emergency Dentist as soon as can, is a good idea if you have denture pain or denture problems.

4.  How old are the dentures?  One question your dentist will ask is, how old are the dentures?  If the dentures are more than 5 years old, many times your dentist may recommend just getting a whole new denture or set of dentures.

Denture Sore Blog  - Dental Sores from a Denture:

Denture Sores when eating:

One common dental problem with people who wear dentures - is occasionally having denture sores.   A Denture Sore happens when the denture rubs the gums or cheek of the mouth in a bad way when chewing or speaking.  When a patient notices a denture sore or a sore gum spot due to the denture rubbing the mouth in a bad way, it is imperative for the person to see a dentist as soon as possible.

- Denture Sores Chat - Things to do when having a Denture Sore Spot

1. Make sure the denture is stable in the mouth.

2  Have it checked out by a dentist.  Your dentist may need to adjust the denture.  It is usually quick and effective if that is all that is needed.  

3.  With old dentures, if having many sore spots - may be the best option is to get a new denture.

4. Sometimes with new dentures, may have sore spots.  Need to go back to the dentist to have the denture adjusted and trimmed.  The denture adjustment should be done as soon as possible. as sore spots do not go away by themselves.

- Your local emergency dentist / most dental practice(s) can help with either providing you with a new denture or new dentures, repairing a denture, adjusting a denture, or relining your worn-out denture.  Either a general dentist or a prosthodontist can make patients dentures.

Most general dentists can help patients with new dentures or denture adjustments.  Some dental offices may be better equipped for denture work, by having an in-office dental lab, etc.  Now, some people are having dentures and dental implants.  Sometimes these procedures are called all-on-4-dental-implants.  Where several dental implants are placed into the mouth, and a denture attaches to the dental implants.

Immediate Denture Blogging - Immediate Dentures Chat:

Same Day Denture Blog:

-  Dental Question about getting a denture right after teeth extractions.  

Some people get several teeth or sometimes all of their teeth are extracted in one day.   These patients do not want to be walking around with no teeth.  Before the extractions, the dental treatment plan is made.  The general dentist will make the dentures ahead of time.  On the same day the teeth are extracted, the dentures are placed into the mouth.  These are called immediate dentures.  Immediate dentures usually will need to be relined within several months, after the mouth heals from the extractions. 

For those that are needing teeth extractions or like to know more about oral surgeons, here is a Dentist Blog about Oral Surgeons on DentalChat.  This is the Dental Chat Oral Surgery Information link:

In summary, dentures can break or need repair.  Sometimes they can be repaired and other times, a new denture may be the best option.    Denture Repair Chat, Full Dentures Repair Blog, Dentures Relining, Soft Denture Relining Chatting Online, Local Denture Relining Blogging Online, and Denture Breaking Blog in this dental article.  We have many dental blogs at