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Endodontics is a dental specialty that studies the dental pulp, root canal or inside of the tooth. An Endodontist is a dentistry specialist that can provide root canal therapy & treatment of the tooth root including doing apicoectomy. After becoming a general dentist, endodontist continue their post graduate education for generally couple years more - to become an endodontist.  A general dentist can also treat the ailments of the root canal, but at times with complications in the root canal / root pulp - an endodontist is called upon to perform the procedure.  Endodontists are usually referred the more complicated root canals.  Root Canal Treatment (RCT) is generally referred to in the dental community as RCT.  Root Canal therapy or treatment can vary from tooth to tooth, with generally larger molars taking more time to complete than the single rooted and single crown front teeth. 

Becoming a Endodontist - how does one become a endodontist?  To become a Endodontist, a general dentist after finishing dental school, usually goes 2 or 3 years more to dental school or dental specialty program to become a endodontist.

Many patients are referred to an Endodontist by a general dentist to perform a root canal or an apicoectomy. An apicoectomy is the removal of the tip of the root which is done by making an incision into your gum area.  It is generally done after a root canal - when infection persists around the root of the tooth.  

Patients who have suffered from issues related to root canal - are very well aware of the severity of pain that may arise. The reason is that root canal is a very sensitive part of the tooth. Teeth roots have pointed edges. In case of injury occuring to the tooth nerve or root canal, or a cavity is formed in the root canal area - the victim may suffer from severe pain. In many cases, the person is not able to speak or eat properly.  

An option is to extract a tooth or to save it by doing a root canal.  Endodontist are a great resource to help save teeth.

Many times after having a root canal - the person needs a dental crown so as to reduce tooth fracture or tooth breakage.  They generally need to go back to their general dentist to have the tooth filled / restored. 

Root Canal Questions - After a Root Canal: 

It is very important once the root canal therapy or treatment is complete, to get the permanent filling and/or crown on the tooth.  Endodontics Chatting Online, Local Endodontist Chat Online, Root Canal Question and Tooth Pain Blogging online at DentalChat. We welcome your dental questions & dental feedback.

A further treatment endodontists may need to perform is a Apicoectomy - a retrograde root canal filling done by making an incision usually in the gum area by the root tip.  We will discuss this further in future articles.