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Many people have opted for cosmetic dental procedures, specially those who want to have a attractive smile with white teeth.  Many actors or celebrities one sees on TV or the movies, are actually not born with perfect white teeth.  Usually, those with uniform white teeth - probably have some form of dental veneers or crowns.  We will be discussing cosmetic dentistry procedures in this article.

What is a Cosmetic Dentist, as compared to a General Dentist?

A cosmetic dentist has many of the same general dental training that a general dentist has, with the addition of some additional education and classes in more advanced cosmetic dentistry procedures - that provide a more enhanced cosmetic appearance to the dental treatment  Dentists who enjoy different aspects of dentistry, after they get their dental degree - can attend and seek out more advanced dental training.  Some of these dentists that enjoy Cosmetic Dentisty, do many more continuing education classes in the cosmetic dental care field.  We will e doing Cosmetic Dentist Chat - doing Cosmetic Dentistry Chatting about the various cosmetic dental procedures.

  • Dental Veneer Discussion, Dental Veneers Chat:

We are at DentalChat looking to discuss various dental topics - such as doing Dental Veneers Chat / Dental Veneer Discussion.  Dental Veneer / Dental Veneers are a great way of getting nice front teeth -- fixing chips and discoloration of front teeth usually.  California dentist Charles Pincus is one of the people credited or being a pioneer with creating this procedure. Most people get dental veneers in pairs or even numbers so they can match the tooth next to them. There are several types of dental veneers.   Dental veneers are made of resins,  porcelain or other type of materials.  Usually, dental veneers are made by a lab, though there are some in-office type of veneers that some dentists offer as well. Usually, your dentist will take an impression and then give it to a dental lab. There are many dental labs that create dental veneers.  Once the dental lab is done making the dental veneers - the patient, is comes back to the dental practice, where your dentist will place them into your mouth.  Great thing with dental veneers is that there is usually little tooth trimming and any shade of white can be chosen by the patient and dentist.


Some people have teeth that are not aligned at the same level this procedure is good for you, also if your teeth have some gaps in between then the dental veneers can fill these gaps and cover them well. Another dentistry procedure is;

  • Dental Crowns

Dental Crown Chatting about the various types of dental crowns.  Dental crowns are recommended for people who have a discolored tooth or when one tooth is weak and may fall out. This procedure requires the tooth to be filed then the crown is shaped and a permanent crown fitted on it. While some people go for this procedure to replace a worn out tooth other go for a dental crown just to enhance their beauty.

  • Composites

The  dentist will use this procedure if you have the cavity on your tooth. It is normally done through drilling some part of another uninfected tooth, then the doctor drills out the infected area then he fills the hole with the other collected specimen. They normally bond the two with a blue light for them to stay in place.

  • Inlays/ Onlays  

They strengthen the tooth structure. They are also called indirect fillings because they are made in the laboratory and bonded on your second day of appointment with the doctor.

Inlays are done when the damage is not so severe while onlays are always done when the damage is more severe and new structure the entire chewing surface.