Dental implant failure - symptoms, reasons and treatment


Millions of dental implants are placed into individuals' mouths every year.  In the United States alone, it is estimated somewhere around 5 million dental implants were placed into the mouth of patients just last year. Dental implants are placed into the mouth by general dentists or specialized dentists such as oral surgeons or periodontists.


dental implant failure


We get asked many local dental implant questions or are asked dental questions about dental implant placement quite a bit at DentalChat.  As we will discuss further in this local dental implant blog, dental implants are a screw-like structure that is placed into the jaw of the mouth. Most dental implant placements done in the US are done safely and without incident.

Unfortunately though like any surgical procedure, at times dental implants can fail. In this Dental Implant Failure Blog, and Dental Implants Information Discussion article, we will be Dental Implant Blogging online about dental implants.  We will be discussing and chatting online about dental implant questions and how long can dental implants last, in this dental implant blog. Our goal is for our users on DentalChat to be better dentally informed.

Online Dental Implant Inquiry and Local Dental Implant  Failure Common Questions 

  • What is a Dental Implant?
  • Can Dental Implants Fail?
  • Does Dental Implant Placement Hurt?
  • What are dental implants made of?

We will be discussing dental implants in this Dental Chat article. One of the most exciting technological advances in dentistry the last 50 years - is implant dentistry.  Many people use to need bridges, partial dentures, or a full set of dentures, which many times were unstable.  Now with the advent of dental implants, many people are enjoying a nicer look and better chewing functions having dental implants / dental implants in their mouths. 

The Swedish orthopedic surgeon,  Per-Ingvar Branemark is credited as being the original pioneer of dental implant dentistry. Initially, transosteal and blade dental implants were placed.  Now, of course - with newer and better dental technology, are more advanced types of dental implants made from a variety of materials including titanium and other advanced materials. The good news for all of those who are missing a tooth or more is that now - dental implant placement and the success rate are higher than ever.  Of course, nothing is ever guaranteed.

There are many factors in why dental implant(s) placed into the mouth will last a long time or not. Getting a routine dental implant, without dental bone grafting - should be a fairly painless procedure.  Of course, this is usually the case. Anytime having a local dental surgical procedure done in your mouth, there can be possibly unexpected results or discomfort.

Dental implants are becoming a common form of treatment to replace many missing teeth or just a single tooth. Most dental implants will last for many years. Sometimes dental implants fail. Usually, this is caused by a condition called Peri-Implantitis, which causes bone loss around the dental implant. This can result in implant failure and loss.

The best way to know what is going on with the dental implant is to have your dentist do an exam, and take X-rays. If they see a significant bone loss on the x-ray around the dental implant, then there is an increased chance that dental implant failure is happening. Local Emergency Dentist Information about Dental Implants at DentalChat.

Local Dental Implants Information Online Blog

When doing a dental implant - it is good to know that there are really 2 main parts - one is the dental implant.  The other is the attachment or structure that goes on Top of the dental implant. Dental implants are a type of post that is drilled into the jaw bone. The dental implant acts as a dental root of a tooth, and then a separate dental implant crown is made to go on top of the dental implant - where the dental implant crown is attached to it.  In some cases, where someone may be missing many teeth or All their teeth, instead of a crown - a denture is placed on top of the dental implant.  That is, the dental implants will be attached to some kind of denture.
A general dentist, oral surgeon, or periodontist can place a dental implant depending on the level of expertise and training.  Dental implants have become much better, more reliable, and easier to place in the mouth. That said, still, a good level of dental training and dental implant knowledge is needed for dentists to place dental implants in the mouth.  Some dentists only place dental implants - while there are other dentists, who only do the dental implant crown portion of the treatment plan.
Dentists usually have their own favorite dental implant brands that they like to use. Many dental companies that manufacture implants put on various events and training sessions to show dentists how to use their systems. Dental implants are made all over the world - with dental companies from all over the world making dental implants - these include European dental companies, dental companies in Asia, and the USA.  A few of the bigger dental implant companies are Straumann Dental Implants, Nobel Biocare, and Zimmer Biomet.  

Common Dental Implant Inquiry is, "How long can dental implants last?" 

The likelihood of well-placed and well-taken care of dental implants to last a lifetime is possible. Those are 2 important points. One is, that your dentist, oral surgeon, or periodontist has done good work in placing and positioning your dental implant in your mouth. The other is how you, as a patient maintain or take care of your dental implant. Most dental implants last may last 10-20 years, but there are many factors that go into this. For instance, if the patient is a habitual smoker, then the longevity may not be as long. 

Common Dental Implant Question, "What are the reasons for dental implant failure?"

The likelihood of dental implant failure if done by a well-trained licensed dentist using good dental implants - is fairly low. We do get asked Dental Implant Failure Questions / Dental Implants Placement Questions quite often on DentalChat. Many times the dental implant that does not attach properly to the gums and bone structure in the mouth - this process of dental bone integration is called osseointegration is important. If dental implant osseointegration does not happen appropriately, then can have dental implant failure.  One sign of this is that the dental implant is loose and will fail. 

Good Dental Implant Hygiene and Periodic Dental Implant Prophy Cleanings

One important thing to keep in mind is that just like with teeth in the mouth - good oral hygiene is necessary.  Unfortunately, in some parts of the world - people with bad oral hygiene have dental implants placed into their mouths. These patients are not provided good post-operative dental implant information - proper dental implant maintenance is not explained to these patients. It is very important to get regular dental prophy cleanings at your local dental or periodontal office. 

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 What are dental implants made out of?

Many people who are getting a dental implant or have several dental implants - wonder, what is the dental implant material being placed in my mouth?  Nowadays, most dental implants are made of either Titanium or Zirconia - with local dentists and different dental offices, having their own preferences. Zirconia dental implants are generally placed with people who do not want metal placed into their jaw (even though most studies shows titanium integrating very well with the jaw bone) - hence, these dentists and patients prefer using a ceramic zirconia dental implant placed inside the mouth. 

Most dentists prefer Titanium dental implants over Zirconia dental implants. Titanium dental implants have been shown to have fairly good osseointegration into the mouth/jaw bone.  Current studies show very rare allergies to titanium dental implants. In this local dentist implant blog, we are discussing dental implants and how they can fail if not done right.  We have the Best Dental Implant Chat Blogs with more dental implant information.  Here is the Best Dental Implants Placement Blog link to another Dental Chat post.

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

Dental Implants can be costly - running into several thousand dollars for the dental implant, bone grafting, and the dental implant crown.  Of course, like most things - prices can vary significantly from dental office to dental office.  Dental Implant Price Chatting and discussing what a dental implant can cost? Dental implants can cost several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.  Each dental practice can price the procedure as they see fit.  One thing to keep in mind are the supplemental costs such as bone graft, etc. Generally, dental specialists such as periodontists may charge more to place dental implants, though this can vary from office to office. The type of dental implant and the other procedures that go with it - will have a big influence on the price.  If the patient has significant jaw bone loss, then bone grafting may be required.  This will usually cost extra. In the USA, the cost of dental implants is usually between $1,200-2,500 though this can vary greatly. This price does not include the dental implant crown or dental bone grafting if it is necessary. 

Dental Implant Treatment Plan and Placement 

  • know the dental implant costs involved.
  • have a good dental exam / full treatment plan explanation.
  • having good and up-to-date dental x-rays. 
  • post-op instructions after getting dental implant placement

It is best to get a full dental treatment plan from your dentist, and know the costs involved fully - before starting dental implant placement surgery.  If planned out right, dental implants may be a great way for people that have missing teeth - to have their teeth replaced with a dental implant(s) & esthetically pleasing crown(s). 

Having the right dental information, from a good dental exam - to having dental x-rays that show the dentist the bone density of where the dental implant is being placed in the mouth. Dentists can take CT Scan x-rays before doing dental x-rays, to get a better understanding of the underlying jaw bone where the dental implant(s) are being placed. All of this can increase the likelihood of dental implant placement success. As we have mentioned, DentalChat is a great place to Ask Dental questions about Dental Implants Placement.

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In summary with this dental implant placement dentist chat blog, we discussed that at times, though rarely - dental implants may not successfully last in the mouth after placement.  Dental implants are fairly safe and a great way of replacing missing teeth.  Like any surgical procedure - there always is a possibility of failure of the dental implant. 

That is, the dental implant may not attach well inside the mouth and need to be removed.  Another factor of dental implant failure is poor oral hygiene After having dental implants placed. Anyone getting dental implants needs to understand good oral hygiene and proper dental implant placement.  We did local dental implants information blogging online in this dentist implants blog.  A bad outcome or dental implant failure is possible for a variety of reasons - as, with any dental surgery, a bad outcome is always a possibility with no obvious reason to fault the patient or the dentist. 

A dental implant is a foreign structure that is placed into the jaw bone, and sometimes integration with the bone does not happen.  We welcome local dental bloggers to network and contribute articles with us @ Dental Chat.