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Dental Implant Failure Blog / Dental Implants Information:
Dental implants are becoming a common form of treatment to replace missing teeth, or just a
single tooth. Most dental implants will last for many years. Sometimes dental implants fail.
Usually, this is caused by a condition called Peri-Implantitis, which causes bone loss around the
dental implant. This can result in implant failure, and loss. The best way to know what is going
on with the dental implant is to have your dentist do an exam, and take x-rays. If they see
significant bone loss on the x-ray around the implant, then there is a chance it is dental implant
Dental Implants Information
Dental implants are a metal post that is drilled into the jaw bone. It acts like a dental root to a
tooth, and where the implant crown is attached to.
A general dentist, oral surgeon, or periodontist can place a dental implant depending on the
level of expertise and training.
Dentists usually have their own favorite dental implant brand they like to use. Many dental
companies that manufacture implants put on various events and training sessions to show
dentists how to use their systems. Dental implants are made dental companies all over the
world, including Europe, Asia, the USA, and many others. A few of the bigger companies are
Straumann Dental Implants, Nobel Biocare, and Zimmer Biomet.
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