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DentalChat is the clear leader in pioneering new smart dental care technology and helping people with their dental care online. DentalChat.com has been around for almost 20 years - it was originally registered in the year 2000.  The newer DentalChat was founded over a decade ago, by a general dentist with a passion for dental care and technology. The goal and vision were clear - to build the best dental platform that could help people with their dental care in real-time. With hard work, a great team, and smart new technology, the vision has become a reality. In the last several years, with new AI technology - we have transformed DentalChat into what it is today -- the leading dental platform for people to go to get dental questions answered in real-time.  We are continuously expanding, adding more innovative features, partnering with various tech & dental companies, and simply just trying to help people with better dental care all over the world. We hope that you help us in realizing our full potential and sharing DentalChat with your family and friends.  We have helped hundreds of thousands of people and hope to continue our journey with your help & support!

DentalChat is the ultimate smart dental platform to help people have better dental care. Our online dental chat platform has been originally created as a free supplemental online dental information site in helping people with their dental care from all over the world. We do recommend people seek local live dental office treatment for their dental care needs. You as a patient will need to do your own due diligence for your dental care needs. Having regular dental office visits with dental prophy cleaning, dental exam and dental x-rays are important to maintain overall good dental oral health. In case of dental care emergencies, you as a patient will need good dental imaging x-rays to find out what is going on. Using an online dental platform can help provide you more dental information to consider. 

  • We want to bring better dental care all over the world.  Partner and work with us. Our goal is to always improve - we can do so with your help and support.  
  • DentalChat uses Smart Technology to better connect people with dentists.  Our mission is to help people with their dental care. We know this is an ongoing process that we have put many, many years into and we are happy to say that we have helped hundreds of thousands of people with better dental care.

DentalChat is the original smart dental platform that has been innovating online to provide better dental care for people all over by answering their dental questions online and by helping people connect with local dentists.

DentalChat is an innovative solution that connects people with the right dentists and dental practices based on their needs and location.

With over 12 years of ongoing development, DentalChat has been continuously looking to provide great dental information to our users. Our local dental chat platform has been helping users to connect in real-time with experienced dentists via our secured communication channel for many years. DentalChat was founded by a dentist and co-founded by a technology healthcare expert. 

Our journey:

DentalChat.com was originally a blog that was providing our users, with useful dental information.  Chat technology was not around a decade ago. Dental Ai technology in health care had yet to have been developed in a meaningful way.  In the last several years, online communication technology and health care technology have grown - providing great technology tools for us to build finally DentalChat.  DentalChat has been the clear leader in the vision and implementation of this smart communication chat technology in dental care.  Now, DentalChat is working with dentists, healthcare companies, dental companies, and advanced smart technology companies - to be the best dental chat platform.

What do we do?

We connect people with their time of dental needs to dentists in real-time. People can continue to visit us to gain more dental information, continue asking more dental questions, and follow up with us.

  • Chat with local dentists in real-time.
  • Ask us a dental question.  Simply post your dental questions & let us use our smart technology and have dentists to answer your local dental question.
  • Use our dashboard to continuously be in touch with us.
  • Use our services at any time of the day - morning or night. We are here to help you.

DentalChat platform works by connecting people in need of dental care such as people looking for a local dentist in need of dental care or people that may have a dental question - with local dentists & dental offices.  Our smart technology helps us to better understand what people need first & then we connect them. Best Dental Care Information, Dental ChatBot, Real Dentists Answering Your Dental Question and Find Local Dentists Near You with us at DentalChat.

Vision and Mission:

At DentalChat, we understand that getting answers to dental concerns at any hour of the day or night can make a world of difference. In addition to offering a wide variety of online dental care tools, it is our mission to continue to give users assistance throughout their lifetime. Our Dental Vision is to help people understand dentistry better. Our Local Dental Care Vision is to connect people with local dentists. Whether it is for their dental ailments, dental concerns or to lead them to local dentists & dental practices near them. Local Dentist Chat Online, Ask Dental Questions Online, Online Live Dental Chat with Dentist Experts, Best Dental Office Listings, Find Local Dentists Online, Local Teledentistry Online and Online Dental Question Chatting with dentists with us. 

What Asking Dental Care Questions, Local Dentists Answers, Best Local Dental Consult Online and Virtual Live Dentists Consultation using Teledentistry Video Dentistry Consulting

New technologies have made doctors and patients more readily available to one another, to discuss health care problems and get more health care information. Now, with DentalChat - people can do Live Virtual Teledental Consulting and Chat with Live Dentists with DentalChat.com & our DentalChat apps. 

Local Dental Consultation and Chat with Live Dentists - Best Cosmetic Dentistry Consult and Emergency Dental Consulting using Teledental Video Technology

Local dentists can now answer local dentistry questions and emergency dental care question online. Using our Dental Chat technology to rapidly connect with dentists and dental practices. The technology is innovative. Of course, people will need to post their local dentists question online and we hope to answer these urgent dental questions as soon as can. This can take some time - as we at times get inundated with many emergency dentistry questions. We do recommend people use common sense and seek local dental office help or go to the medical hospital center if they can not find an open dental office - for their emergency dental care needs. That is, you need to take control of your own health care needs. 

Partner with healthcare businesses, dental companies, media groups, ad-media professionals, web tech businesses, dental offices, and knowledgeable dentists across the world. Dental Chat is welcoming new partners who share our vision - who share our passion to improve and develop the best new online digital dentist consulting media technologies and provide valuable online dental information content to people seeking dental care info and features. Our goal is to improve our services continually and be the leading company in this space.

Please visit us at DentalChat.com or our DentalChat IOS / DentalChat Android apps.

Dental Chat is using dental knowledge, dentists, and smart technology to solve people’s dental needs. We believe every smile makes the world a better place.

Our mission with DentalChat is to help people with their dental care.  Making the world a more smiley place!