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 Dental Problems And Treatment 

A common local dental question we get asked a lot on DentalChat is about a wisdom tooth problem (third molar problem). One local dental problem many people face at some point in their lifetime - is when wisdom teeth (third molars) start to grow in. Why you may need to Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed (have your wisdom tooth extracted)?

 Dental Problems And Treatment

Every patient is unique, although generally, wisdom teeth may need to be removed or extracted when there is evidence of changes in the mouth such as:

  • Pain

  • Infection

  • Cysts

  • Tumors

  • Damage to neighboring teeth

  • Gum disease

  • Tooth decay (if it’s not possible or desirable to restore the tooth), Your local Dentist may recommend the removal of wisdom teeth as part of treatment for braces or other dental care. Before making any decisions, your dentist will examine your mouth and take an x-ray. Together, you and your dentist can discuss the best course of treatment. was founded by a dentist to better help people with their dental care challenges.  With great new online messaging technology, DentalChat is changing how people and local dentists interact.  We appreciate getting our reader's feedback and dental suggestions.  Let's get back to discussing another common local dental problem that many people face - which is, having a tooth filling fall out.

 Replacing a tooth filling

Having a tooth filling problem, such as a tooth filling falling out is a common dental problem question we get asked at DentalChat.  Here is some more dental information in this local dentist composite filling blog link.  Composite fillings are put in or placed into the tooth with some form of dental adhesive.  Dental composite fillings placed on the buccal or facial surface of front teeth, do have the tendency of falling out after a period of time. 

Especially, if the person is aggressively toothbrushing the facial surface of teeth with composite fillings.  The dental solution or dental treatment is fairly straight forward.  The person will need to see a local dentist and have a new composite filling placed where the old filling had fallen out from.

 Keeping Your Wisdom Teeth? 

Wisdom teeth that are not removed should continue to be monitored because the potential for developing problems later on, still exists. As people age, they are at greater risk for health problems - which also includes potential problems with their wisdom teeth. Be sure to floss around your wisdom teeth and visit your dentist regularly. Regular dental visits allow your dentist to evaluate your wisdom teeth and your overall dental health.

Dental orthodontics questions 

Another dental question we get asked at DentalChat is about getting orthodontic treatment & we get asked when is the best age to get braces?  One thing to keep in mind is that both orthodontists and dentists can provide orthodontic treatment.

What age can Orthodontic treatment begin? Can adults have braces?

Abnormal bites generally become noticeable between the ages of 6 and 12 –  hence, orthodontic treatment or braces often starts between ages 8 and 16 - though, people of all ages are having orthodontic treatment nowadays. Treatment that begins while a child is growing can help in producing optimal results.  People from the ages of 8 to 14, usually still have a mixed dentition. 

What is a mixed dentition? A mixed dentition means that the "baby teeth" are still present concurrently with permanent teeth. Hence, have both primary teeth (baby teeth) and permanent teeth. During this period, many orthodontists and dentists like to start orthodontic treatment. That doesn’t mean that adults can’t have braces. Adults with healthy teeth can have their teeth orthodontically treated at any age. Though people with periodontal conditions should be more aware of risks.  When getting braces, the teeth are moved slowly. 

In some cases, periodontal issues may arise because of this movement - especially for adults that have pre-existing dental gum problems.  Some people are not having braces - instead, they are using aligners or aligning non-braces dental treatment from companies such as Invisalign and others.  Aligners are usually clear forms of a mouthguard type of dental appliance, that people wear to get their teeth straighter and fix some forms of teeth misalignment. 

How many years do you need to wear the braces?

Dental Ortho Treatment Plans will vary based on your situation, but most people are in treatment from 1 to 2 years. This is followed by a period of wearing a retainer, that helps hold teeth in their new positions.  The retainer part of orthodontic treatment is important.  It is important to wear retainers after completing dental braces treatment.

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