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Integrating live dental chat communication and DentalChat referral services into your dental practice offers numerous advantages. We aim to assist individuals in finding local dentists during their time of need, and we're actively seeking partnerships with local dentists and dental practices. stands as a pioneer in virtual dental care and chatbot technology, providing a platform where people can have their virtual dentist questions answered by a live dentist in real-time. By joining us, dental practices can expand their patient base, enhance patient engagement, and stay at the forefront of technological innovation in the dental industry. Join DentalChat today to revolutionize your practice and better serve your patients.

Dental ChatBot, Dentist Chat with Patients, Live TeleDentistry, and Best TeleDental Service with DentalChat.

Telemedicine consulting, Teledental consultation, and Dental Chat discussions with your patients are now available to all dentists and dental practices. With & DentalChat Apps - we provide a complete package for dentists, dental companies, and dental practices. The best part is - you can try us for FREE for a limited time. BEST DENTAL OFFICE SIGN-UP INFORMATION HERE.

Yes -- Add TeleDentistry, TeleDental Consulting, and Dental Chat with Patients right on your own website - all 3 for one low price.

The best part - it is a great low monthly cost - month to month and now you can Try this for Free! has been around for many years. We were blogging about dental care and technology long before any other dental health tech company.  Now, our vision has become a reality.

COVID-19 has made DentalChat and its TeleDental technology a necessity in more ways than one. During these challenging coronavirus times, using smart telemedicine technology and dental chat innovation is becoming a necessity. Simply put, if you are a dentist or dental practice manager - having DentalChat is a must to help you and your dental patients. Best Dental Marketing Online and Virtual Tele Dental Care platform for dentists & patients to connect. Great time for Local Dentists and Dental Practices to sign up with us. Best Dentists Directory sign-up link here at DentalChat. 

Leverage Virtual Dental Care, Teledental Services and Live Teledentistry Communication in your dental practice - Utilize Virtual Dental Treatment Exam Consulting, Local Teledentist Office Care, and Live Teledentistry Consultation within your dental practice.

Leveraging teledental services or dental chatbot communication for certain dental tasks can be a smart approach to save time and resources for both dental practitioners and patients. While some dental treatments necessitate in-person visits to the dental office, simpler tasks or initial consultations can often be efficiently handled through virtual channels.

By adopting teledentistry or dental chatbot solutions, dental practices can provide convenience to their patients by allowing them to address minor concerns or inquiries without the need for an office visit. This not only saves patients time and money but also reduces the burden on staff members who would otherwise need to schedule appointments and prepare treatment rooms.

Moreover, teledentistry and dental chatbot communication enable practitioners to streamline their workflow and optimize their resources more effectively. By addressing routine inquiries or providing initial assessments remotely, dentists can allocate their time and attention more efficiently to focus on critical procedures or treatments that require in-person attention.

Overall, integrating teledentistry or dental chatbot communication into dental practice operations can enhance patient satisfaction, improve practice efficiency, and ultimately contribute to better overall dental care delivery. It's a win-win solution for both dental practitioners and their patients in today's digital age. and DentalChat IOS / DentalChat android apps are connecting dentists and patients together for a better dental care experience.

Dental Chat is the leading source of dental information for anyone with a dental question or trying to find the right dentist for their needs.  Using advanced technology created by dentists & top technology professionals, Dental Chat has created the ultimate dental marketplace and the Best Dental AI Online Platform for dental information & Answering your local dental questions. With a community of patients seeking the best dentist information online - and professional dentists with a wealth of dental knowledge & dental experience. There is a large network of Local Dental Practices and licensed dentists - looking to help people with their dental care questions and to help them get the dental treatment they need.


Make your dental website smart with Dental ChatBot - The best Dentist Chat Bot on the market with TeleDental Service. Best Dental Marketing Online, Add Teledentistry, Add Dental ChatBot, Get Dental Leads, New Dental Patient Referrals, and Get Listed on Best Dentists Directory Online platform.

Best Local Dentists and Best Dental Offices Listings - Best Dental Marketing Online:

We at Dentalchat are always looking to partner and have to join us - the Best Dentists & the Best Local Dental Practices. DentalChat offers the Best Dental Marketing Online Tools for dental practices and the best local dentists. 

Grow Your Practice:  Dental Chat connects you with new patients at the time they are searching for dental services.

Improve Patient Communication:  Secure messaging and instant alerts enable more convenient communication. Streamline Office Management:  Dental Chat answers patients’ questions and schedules appointments 24x7. Easily Integrate: HIPAA compliant, easy to add to your website, and integrates with your CRM and EHR.

Local Dental Patients:

Ask a Question: Have pain?  Nervous about a procedure?  Dental Chat has answers to your questions.  Ask for free anytime, anywhere.

Find a Dentist and Best Dentists Directory Listings to help you:  

Finding a local dentist in your time of need may not be easy.  That is why we help to Find Local Dentists Near You, or Best Emergency Dental Practices Near You, to help you. We understand your needs and then refer you to a qualified dentist or specialist.

Easily Schedule an Appointment:  Flexible scheduling 24x7, without even picking up the phone.

Share Your Dental Story: 

People can share their local dental stories with us. And read relevant patient dental stories with us at DentalChat.

Our AI Dental Platform & Best AI Dentistry Marketplace connects your local dental practice to new dental patients.

Patients come to Dental Chat looking for dental information.  Our Chatbot uses advanced artificial intelligence to answer patients’ questions about crowns, veneers, gum work, root canals, and much more.  Patients can also search our repository of dental information as well as other patients’ stories.

During the current COVID-19 pandemic, DentalChat has been helping thousands of people for free - and partnering online with various dental companies and dental professionals. We recently got a well-deserved endorsement from the Penn Dental Association. 

An endorsement from the Pennsylvania Dental Association (PDA) noted:

“With COVID-19 causing great disruption to the dental profession, PDA has been researching teledentistry options for PDA members. The company we think will meet the needs of members is DentalChat. Over the past 10 years, DentalChat’s team has built a suite of services that provide multiple ways to connect dentists to people seeking help.”

Dental Chat gets to know the patient first and after we understand the type of services the patient needs, we refer them to highly-rated, local dentists in the Dental Chat network.  We seamlessly connect these high-quality, new referrals to your practice through secure messaging.  

Local dentist marketing can be a challenge, but with the increasing use of online platforms to find dental services, it's become essential for dental practices to establish a strong online presence. At DentalChat, we provide effective local dentist marketing tools to help practices reach their target audience and grow their patient base.

For dentists interested in joining DentalChat, we offer a straightforward sign-up process to access our platform and benefit from our marketing tools. By leveraging our platform, dentists can showcase the services they offer and connect with potential patients in their local area.

As oral health is crucial for overall well-being, finding the right dentist is important. With our local dentist directory search feature, individuals can easily find dentists in their area, browse reviews, and make informed decisions about their dental care provider.

We understand the importance of patient feedback, which is why we encourage individuals to share their experiences by writing reviews about their dental visits. This helps others in the community make informed choices when selecting a dentist.

In addition to regular dental care, we also provide support for dental emergencies through our online emergency dentist chat feature. Whether someone is experiencing tooth pain or has questions about dental procedures like veneers, our platform connects them with local dental professionals who can offer guidance and assistance.

At DentalChat, we're committed to networking with dental professionals, local dental supply companies, and social media experts to provide comprehensive dental care information and support to people worldwide. We believe in the power of partnerships to improve dental care access and quality for everyone.

  • Dental SEO Marketing.

  • Dental Directory Listings Online. 

  • Dental Video Marketing. 

  • Dental Search and Social Media Marketing. 

  • Find a Local Dentist and Dental Referral. 

  • Add a Dental Chatbot to your dental website. 

  • Local Teledentistry and Live Teledental Virtual Dental Care. 

  • Virtual Dentistry Technology Integration. 

DentalChat offers a range of services including local dentist marketing, dentist directory listings, patient reviews, emergency dentist chat, and dental partnerships, all aimed at enhancing the dental care experience for both patients and practitioners. Join us today and become part of our dental community dedicated to promoting oral health and well-being.

We also serve as an ongoing source of information to patients about their dental care.  We are here 24x7 to answer patients’ questions in a caring and compassionate way before and after their care, freeing up your time to focus on the patients in your office. 

“Our practice benefits from engaging patients immediately when they visit our website. Smart, secure, and well-designed, DentalChat is a vital tool for innovative practices who want new patients!”

Dr. Grillo, Dentist

Our goal is simple - how can we help people Find The Best Local Dental Practices or Best Dentists Near Them, in their time of dental need. We are generating great new dental patient referrals and leads for local dentists to build and grow their dental practice.

Dental Chat allows you to expand your marketing cost-effectively with no work to your practice.  Rather than a mass blast of emails or postcards to your local area or generic advertising, we find patients at the time they are actually searching for dental care, ensuring that all referrals from Dental Chat are relevant, timely leads.   X% of Dental Chat leads convert to paying patients.  

Dental Chat includes:

  • Instant alerts and notifications on every lead, enabling rapid follow-up and conversion.

  • Seamless integration with your EHR and CMR systems.

  • Secure messaging that is fully HIPAA Compliant.

Best Dental Office Offer to try us out at DentalChat. 

Are you a person with a dental problem or need a dental second opinion? Have Local Dentist Questions? Dental Chat about your various dental care issues, submit on the dental chat request post page, and have dentists answer your local dental question in real-time.

Are you a dentist or dental practice manager? Ready to Sign Up – Start your free best dental practices offer now. Apply now and join the dental chat group of dentists & dental offices.

Dental Chat for Office Management:

Let Dental Chat improve your patient experience while streamlining your office management workload.  Dental Chat can be easily added to your existing website to give patients more options to contact you when it’s convenient for them.  Patients are never put on hold again or receive a recording that the office is closed! 

Dental Chat allows current and prospective patients to get answers to their dental questions and schedule appointments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.   And the best part is Dental Chat does the work for you.  Dental Chat’s artificial intelligence tools provide all the tools and resources.   

Patients access the patient messaging tool from your website, the Dental Chatbot communicates with them, gets you the dental communication you need and then you or your staff can start to chat with the patient. A log of all messages is available for you to review through the patient dashboard. 

The result may be more new dental patients and booked appointments with less time and effort from your office management staff.  

HIPAA Compliant, secure dental chat messaging with us.  The Best Local Dental ChatBot technology allows you to communicate with new and existing dental patients. 

3 for 1 offer -- Best Dental MarketPlace & Local Dentists Marketing Online offer. Our goal is to help connect dentists and new dental patients - in as easy a way as possible.

Best Online Dental Office Marketing Free Dentists Offer >> Get TeleDentistry Service Added to Your Dental Practice, Get Dental Chat Bot Added to Your Dental Website, and Get Best Direct New Dental Patients Leads from Best Local Teledental Consulting Service For Dentists and Patients to Do a virtual online dentistry consult.

We had Live TeleDentistry, Local TeleDentist Dental Consulting, Dental Chat with Dentists for Free with live dentist chat services during the COVID-19 period.  We helped thousands of people get live dentist answers online for Free during Covid-19.  People would goto our Online Dental Request Post page and post their dental help requests at DentalChat.

Many people have Emergency Dentists Questions from having a tooth pain question about a broken tooth to having a dental accident while playing sports.

These dental patients simply Submit their local dentist request or post their emergency dental care questions with us at DentalChat. We use AI Dentistry with the Dental ChatBot and then have Dentists Answer Local Dental Patients in real-time.  We currently are answering these emergency cosmetic dentistry questions for Free - via the dental chatbot.  We also offer a TeleDentistry Post option - where using TeleDental Consulting Online technology is used.  Here dental patients will pay a small fee to get Live Tele Dentistry Answers and Live TeleDentist Consultation Online.

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