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Most dental crowns are cemented onto the prepared tooth. From time to time, these dental crown(s) can become loose or fall out. This does not happen often, but it does happen from time to time.  Sometimes, a dental crown can become loose or break off with part of the tooth structure.  If the tooth breaks with the dental crown, then it is most likely going to need a new dental crown to be made.  All of this is done after a thorough dental exam by your dentist at their dental practice. 


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Dental Crown(s) are generally cemented onto the tooth -- the tooth structure is prepared in a way that the crown goes onto the tooth like a hat on a head.  Though sometimes, may have the crown that goes onto the tooth become loose or possibly come out if eating something sticky, etc.

Generally, once a permanent cement is used and the crown is put in - it usually will not come out. It is possible though some crowns to become loose and to come out for various reasons from chewing on food to playing sports.  In a worst case scenario, it could even fall out or sometimes the crown breaks off with a piece of your tooth in it.

Decay, mobile tooth (loose tooth from perio condition), old crown:  Some of the causes of dental crowns falling off are decay, too much grinding or trauma.  Some people grind their teeth at night, which may possibly cause a crown to fracture, break off or become loose.  

If at all possible, if a crown does come out - try to keep the old crown that has fallen out and take it to your dentist. Sometimes, they may simply be able to clean it up and re-cement it.  Other times, the old crown fit may not be good and the underlying tooth may have to be re-prepped - hence, may need to do a new crown.