Broken Filling Blog / Composite Fillings Chat:

There are different types of broken teeth / chipped tooth / broken filling(s) - a person may experience. This may be a fractured cusp, craze lines, chipped filling and vertical root fracture.  

Broken Filling / Broken Fillings - Composite Fillings can sometimes chip or break.  As long as the size of the chip and the breakage is not in the dental pulp region, this can be remedied with another composite filling, a inlay / only or a crown.  Your dentist will evaluate the broken tooth area, and can generally repair it in a timely way. If the tooth nerve area is affected, then a root canal may be required - which is more costly and generally takes more time to do.  Any openings or cracks in the composite fillings that opens up, it is best to get it fixed and repaired at the dental office by the dentist - as soon as possible.

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Local emergency dentists have many tools or options in fixing a broken tooth, chipped filling or broken fillings. The dentist has several standard procedures to choose from. They usually adopt one of the following procedures to fix a Chipped Tooth or Broken Filling / Broken Fillings. These procedures includes Dental Composite Bonding Fillings, Dental Veneers, Dental Inlay / Dental Onlay and Dental Crown(s).

For teeth that have pain, and the cavity goes into the tooth pulp canal area - a Root Canal may be required. Large teeth fracture that say extends into the tooth root that may require an extraction - then Dental Implant may be an option.  

All of this depends on a thorough dental office exam by a dentist & most likely xray(s). The sooner a person goes to the dentist to fix a broken filling - the better.  Chipped or broken teeth need to be repaired by a licensed dentist.